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Bird Repellents

Pest birds can create a variety of costly problems for today’s property owners/managers and municipalities. 

Birds Deface and Damage Buildings/Structures

Bird nests and feathers can clog rain gutters and downspouts, leading to roof leaks. This debris can also jam up AC units, window frames and rooftop vents. Bird droppings can deface and damage wood, metal, plastic and stone surfaces. Outdoor light fixtures, security cameras and dish antennas can only take so much abuse from bird droppings before they begin to fail. The diseases carried by bird droppings can render surfaces unsanitary.  

   bird control fog
Goose Repellent Bird Control Fog


Geese Destroy Lawns, Gardens and Water Features


Pest birds like geese can quickly destroy golf courses, corporate lawns, parks and water features. These large birds can cover an area with unsightly and smelly droppings, which can ruin the aesthetics of a park or garden and contaminate fountains and water features.


Bird B Gone offers a number of highly effective and humane bird repellents to address these problems.


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