Shock Track for Birds Kit (100 foot roll)

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Quick Overview

Shock Track is a low profile, electrical bird deterrent track system that produces a mild electrical shock when birds land on its surface.

Shock Track Kit includes:

 Shock Track   100'
 Mounting Clips  30 ea.
 Blue T-Tap Quick Disconnect  10 ea.
 Red Quick Disconnect Insulated  10 ea.
 Connector Loop  2 ea.
 Shock Track Connector  3 ea.
 Bilingual Warning Labels  10 ea.

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Regular Price: $325.00

Special Price: $300.00

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Shock Track is a discreet way to deter birds from landing or nesting. The low-profile design is ideal for use in areas where aesthetics are a concern. Shock Track measures ½” high, 1¾” wide and comes in 100’ rolls.

The track is available in four colors: grey, stone, black & terracotta. Shock Track is made from a flexible U.V. protected PVC base that can easily conform to curved or straight surfaces. The system is powered by an A.C. charger or solar charger.

 Humane, does not harm birds!
 Mild Electric Jolt Changes Bird Habits!
 Flow through design allows water to flow through the track, preventing “damming”
 Effective for small and large birds!
“Anti-Arcing” design means the ultimate in safety!
 Available in 100’ kits complete with necessary hardware!
 Flexible – can bend side to side and up and down!
 Manufactured in the USA by Bird-B-Gone
 Lightweight flexible UV stabilized PVC – One 100 foot roll only weighs 15 lbs.
 Available in four colors – grey, stone, black & terracotta


The Bird-B-Gone Difference:

We manufacture our products in the United States ensuring they meet the highest standard of quality in the industry. All products go through an extensive quality control process before they leave our warehouse. We stand behind the quality of our products and encourage customers to compare our products with competitors’ in order to see the Bird-B-Gone difference!

Shock Track is a low profile, electrical bird deterrent system that produces a mild electrical shock when birds land on its surface. The Shock Track kit includes 100’ of Shock Track, 30 mounting clips, 10 blue t-tap quick disconnects, 10 insulated red quick disconnects, 2 connector loops, 3 shock track connectors, and 10 bi-lingual warning labels.

 Four colors to choose from: grey, stone, black, terracotta
 Can be glued or screwed down
 Effective for small and large birds

Shock Track, electric bird repeller, is ideal for use in a multitude of applications where pest birds are landing:

 Parapet walls                
 Flat or Curved surfaces


Effective For:

Shock Track is effective for all bird species including:

 Crows and more!

Shock Track is an electrical bird deterrent system that requires a general knowledge in electrical systems, and can be dangerous if not installed correctly. If you are not trained in installing Bird-B-Gone electric track deterrents, please call us at 800-392-6915 to have a bird control specialist help with the installation or direct you to an authorized installer.

Installation Instructions (PDF)

If you have questions on installing this or any other Bird-B-Gone product, please call us at 1-800-392-6915 or email

For architectural specifications or CAD details please visit the links below.

Specifications (PDF)

CAD Details