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Mike Dougherty Bird Control Training Expert

Mike Dougherty Bird Control Training Expert
Over the past 11 years with Bird-B-Gone, Mike Dougherty has worked with some of the largest pest control companies across the globe to help train operators on the installation of bird control products. His expertise in assessing potential bird problems and providing in depth solutions has aided many installers from the quoting phase to installation. Mike has been in the bird control industry for well over 15 years, his expertise and knowledge has helped many with their bird control problems.  Whether you need help quoting the job,  the best bird deterrent for the situation, or installing bird control products, Mike is here to help. Contact Mike for an on-site training today!
Mike teaches our Bird B Gone University in Santa Ana, CA.  He teaches bird control product installers how to sell, market, quote and install bird control.  He will be more than willing to travel to your site to train your team, just give him a call.

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