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  • Protect your home from pest pigeons with pigeon spikes

    keep pigeons offThe feral pigeon is often the pest bird that needs to be deterred. The conflict with the pigeon is usually when they invade the home. The bird flu and other transmittable diseases are known to be associated with pigeons. Another major concern is the damage the pigeon creates on the property. In urban areas and most cities, the supply of food all year long for these pests is why they are going to settle on your home and other structures on your property. It is a comfortable habitat for their breeding and other natural habits. Pigeons lay eggs up to six times per year. This means the pigeons are capable of multiplying rather quickly if left to do so. Continue reading

  • Stop nuisance pigeons from landing with pigeon spikes

    bird control productsNuisance pigeons continue to present a costly problem to property owners worldwide. They deface and damage buildings and structures to the tune of millions of dollars every year. Maintenance costs climb annually as cleanup and repair crews try to keep pace with the droppings, nests and other debris. Sidewalks, entryways, windows and doors are often covered with unsightly pigeon droppings that must be cleaned on a weekly and sometimes daily basis.

    Nuisance pigeon droppings eat into metal, wood, plastic, vinyl and stone surfaces. Left to gather, these droppings can cause expensive Continue reading

  • Shock Gulls with electric bird deterrent tracks

    Keep gulls off buildingsSummer is here and so are the gulls, large birds flocking in ever increasing numbers around fishing boats, airports, picnic grounds, rooftops, parking lots and garbage dumps. Many species of gulls live, feed, and nest inland. Wherever they gather, you can be sure that they will leave acres of droppings, which can reduce the functional life of some building roofs by 50%. The acidic nature of gull droppings can corrode metal structures and painted finishes.

    Gulls can also transport nesting materials and food remains to rooftops, which can clog roof drainage systems and lead to structural damage. Gulls can be particularly hazardous around airports, as they are involved in more collisions with aircraft than any other bird group. Gull scavenging around dumpsites often seek water from reservoirs, which raises the potential for transmitting diseases to humans on a large scale. Gull droppings can also create dangerous slip-and-fall hazards on walkways around buildings and other structures. Continue reading

  • Keep Gulls Off Your Boat With Bird Control Products

    keep gulls off boatsIf you are in a climate that is moderate year round, there is no “season” for bird control. It is needed all year long, especially when it comes to the pest bird Mr. Seagull. The challenge is keeping the seagulls off the boats including the boat deck, masts, spreaders and canvases. The seagull is not the only culprit; you also need to guard against the cormorants and pigeons that make your vessel their waterfront property. The reason to keep them away is because of the mess they leave behind. If there are no bird control products in place you are at risk of spending a lot of time and money cleaning up after your pesky guests. It is a constant battle between boat owners and pest birds. To win the battle takes a little strategy and a little time, much less time than constantly cleaning up after them. Continue reading

  • How to keep pest gulls off your building

    keep gulls off buildingsPest gulls can both deface and damage property, so it’s important to keep them off your building. Rooftop AC units, air vents, rain gutters and security cameras can be rendered inoperative by gull droppings and nesting debris. These droppings can also create dangerous slip-and-fall hazards on walkways around buildings and other structures. Finally, bird droppings can carry any of 60 known diseases like salmonella.

    Keeping pest gulls off your building can pose a challenge. The large birds are federally protected migratory birds, which means, once the eggs hatch, nothing can be done until they leave. Fortunately, the bird control experts at Bird B Gone have an effective, economical and humane solution to pest gulls. Continue reading

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