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  • Bird net Solves Wrigleys Pest Bird Woes

    bird control at wrigley fieldFor years the Chicago Cubs have had to share their ballpark with unwanted guests; pest birds. It seemed Wrigley Field was an ideal spot for birds, providing generous shelter, and an abundant food source.

    Birds such as pigeons, seagulls, and starlings had been around the park for awhile, but it was complaints from the fans that prompted a real solution.

    Gary Hubbard has worked in Maintenance Operations at Wrigley for the last four years. Continue reading

  • Bed Bugs and Birds

    bed bugs and bird controlAfter having been mostly eradicated from the United States after World War II, bedbugs are back in the news. With increased immigration and world travel, the flat brown blood sucking insects are re-colonizing the U.S. and are increasingly found in hotels, homes, apartments, and even hospitals. While these insect pests usually spread by hitching a ride in the luggage of a traveler, some people are wondering if birds may be spreading them as well. Continue reading

  • Include Bird Proofing In Your Building Maintenance

    bird proof your buildingsToday's bird proofing devices are safe and effective and can save you on costly maintenance repairs.

    As a facility manager, you know the value of regular building maintenance.

    To ensure heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are operating properly and to meet health and safety codes, you must be ever vigilant about maintaining the safety aspects of your buildings.

    Pest control, particularly pest bird control, is an all-important part of building maintenance. Continue reading

  • Bird Proofing an Integral Part of Building Maintenance

    bird proofing buildingsLike everything else you own or manage, buildings require regular maintenance to keep them from deteriorating. Regardless of the size of your building, certain specific tasks must be performed to ensure heating, cooling, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are operating properly and continue to meet health and safety codes. Bird proofing can prevent droppings, nests and other and other bird debris from damaging these important systemssystems that can be very costly to repair or replace. Continue reading

  • Bird-B-Gone Article featured in Food Manufacturing Magazine

    food processingPest birds can be a serious health and safety issue if they are not controlled. In food processing plants they can cause extensive damage, health issues and safety problems to workers. Pest birds such as pigeons, starlings and sparrows are very common in and around commercial facilities. These facilities often provide perfect roosting places, shelter for nesting and a wonderful food source. Pest bird feces is acidic and can be quite corrosive to building material and machinery, it can also carry any of 60 known transmittable diseases. Contamination of bird feces, feathers and debris is a big problem in the food processing industry. Health officials can close plants for days to weeks when contamination is found. Continue reading

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