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  • Bird Control for Facility Managers

    A comprehensive give to bird control for facility managers as featured on Today's Facility Manager.

    bird control for facility managersThis content was written by Bird-B-Gone and added to the Bird Control Page on Todays Facility Manager

    Bird-B-Gone is a company you can trust. We have first hand experience in the field of bird control. Our content, advice and expertise comes from extensive experience in installing and developing professional grade bird control products, giving hands on trainings or on site installation advice and our ongoing research in the field of effective bird deterrents. Continue reading

  • Why Bird Control is Important

    why bird control is importantBirds can become a nuisance when they choose roost or nest in unwanted areas. Birds, bird droppings and nesting materials can negatively impact our surroundings by creating health and safety risks, or detract from buildings architectural features. Installing bird control products is a humane way to deter birds from landing, roosting or nesting. Continue reading

  • Preventative Maintenance: Check for Birds

    bird control for buildingsClick Here for The Original Post on

    Its been said preventative maintenance is the best kind of maintenance. If you routinely check your facilities operational systems and equipment, it will save you time and money. Problems are easier and less expensive to fix the sooner they are noticed. Bird control is no different.

    Adding bird control to your routine maintenance checklist is a wise decision, considering the impact birds can make on your building. Bird control can save your company time and money, and bird problems are easier to solve the sooner they are detected. Continue reading

  • How to install bird spikes

    how to install bird spikesBird Spikes are used to prevent large birds such as pigeons, gulls and crows from landing on flat or curved surfaces.

    Bird spikes do not harm birds, they simple create an uneven surface that birds cannot land on. Installing bird spikes is an effective, humane and economic solution for preventing birds from landing. Continue reading

  • Improper Bird Deterrent Installation or Application

    bird controlBird deterrents are designed to humanely deter birds from landing or nesting in unwanted areas. However, improper installation or misuse of products can lead to undesirable results that can potentially harm birds while also not being effective at deterring them in the first place.

    Not every product works for every bird problem and certain products require care and planning to be successful. This is why it's important to hire or consult a professional when dealing with a pest bird problem on your home or property. Continue reading

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