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swallow deterrents

  • Swallows are coming – Get out the Garden Bird Netting

    swallow mud nestsGarden bird netting is not just for the backyard garden.  There are many effective ways to use this netting to keep the swallows away.  The Barn Swallows are very adaptable and it is why you find them feeding in open fields, parks, meadows, ponds, coastal waters and roadway edges.  Their nests are very easy to spot.  They will build their mud nests under the eaves, in and on barns, bridges, inside sheds and almost any man-made structure.  They do not differentiate between homes and businesses. Continue reading

  • Swallows are coming – deter swallow nests with Bird Slope

    deter swallow nestingThe swallows are coming.  Buildings need to be protected.  Swallows build their nests solely on man-made structures.  They will build them under bridges, on barns, eaves and many other places.  It does not matter if it is a business or a home.  They are an adaptable pest bird.  You will know if you have swallows, as their nests are very easy to spot.  Their nests are built with mud and twigs.  The nests begin with small balls of mud that are stuck on a vertical surface.  They will be built high up near the top where the wall meets the soffit at a 90 degree angle.  The nests will then be anchored to both surfaces.  The swallows will nest and roost there at night.  They can build their nests fairly quickly.  Some have tried to hose off the nests when they just start being built, but the birds will go right back to the same area and rebuild. Continue reading

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