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Blue Heron

How to Deter Herons
Most people who encounter problems with Blue Herons are have waterfront homes or Koi ponds.

Blue heronHabitat modification

  • Problems with Blue Herons generally occur near Koi ponds and waterfront areas such as docks. Make the area less hospitable by employing motion activated sprinklers or scare devices to keep the birds away.
  • On occasion Herons choose rooftops or fence lines to perch on. If this has become a problem you can install a physical bird deterrent such as Bird Spikes or a Bird Spider to prevent the birds from landing.
  • Create a grid of wire or install Bird Netting above koi ponds to physically keep Herons out.


Remove any food source
Koi ponds provide large birds such as the Great Blue Heron with a plentiful (and expensive) food source. Protect your investment by using these products to keep herons away from your Koi.

Scare Tactics
The Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler is ideal for keeping Herons away from ponds. The unit sprays a stream of water every time motion is sensed. Herons won’t like being sprayed and will move on.

Humane Removal / Professional Installer

  • If you don’t have the time, resources or expertise to solve your bird problem, there are wildlife and pest control companies that offer bird control as a service.
  • These professionals can install bird control products and offer other services such as clean-up and humane trap and removal.



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