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Bird B Gone Blog

  • Birds: A Warehouse’s Productivity Nightmare

    A Problem for Warehouses Everywhere


    bird control for warehousesWhen you think of disasters that can ruin your warehouse or derail your company's productivity, you probably imagine the most common and severe issues around. Fires, floods, natural disasters, and electrical problems are likely the first things that come to mind. While there is little doubt those issues can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage, there is another unseen problem that might be ruining your business or building at this very moment. Continue reading

  • Goose Deterrents Needed in Planned Communities

    Canada Goose with GooslingTowards the end of summer, the final outdoor activities are in full swing. Planned communities are finishing up outdoor summer concerts and various end-of-summer events. Many of the planned communities have parks, community swimming pools and manmade lakes. With all these amenities in place, there is sure to be flocks of geese coming to enjoy them as well, especially where there is water. But take heart, the geese do not need to be a problem. Installing goose deterrent products will help get rid of geese and other pest birds and create a more harmonious surrounding for the remaining summer months. Continue reading

  • Deter Pest Birds Away and Enjoy Outdoor Dining

    bird control for outdoor eating areasMany cafes have nice al fresco dining areas. Usually, outside dining is a very nice experience. It is nice, that is, unless there is bird droppings all over the furniture and birds lurking about waiting for you to drop a piece of food, or leave the table so they can swoop right in and devour the leftovers. Bird control is definitely needed for this scenario.

    All the area needs are a few easy additions which will make the birds fly on by to find another place to roost and graze. Open spaces can sometimes be a little difficult to get rid of the pest birds. There are bird control methods, however, that is affordable and can alleviate the nuisance bird problems. Continue reading

  • Tall Buildings Need Bird Control

    pigeon controlThe new trend in high rise apartment buildings is bringing about the old problem of pest birds. Birds such as pigeons love building structures and the higher the better. Architects and contractors often specify bird control when building high structures, but not always. When bird control is not initiated during the building phase, building maintenance managers are usually the ones who will decide where, when and how to install the bird deterrents. Continue reading

  • Bird Control Will Keep Koi Fish Safe in their Ponds

    pond defenderKoi ponds are seen at many establishments including golf courses. The water features on the course are usually constructed and designed to be breathtaking which enhances the golfing experience. Many resorts also feature koi ponds. There are usually dedicated professionals who maintain the ponds and the surrounding landscape. They watch for the cranes and herons that can pluck out a koi before you know it. Bird control is needed on the pond because the predatory birds like to stand on the edge to do their fishing. A deeper pond would help keep the fish safer but to keep the birds from getting at them a physical bird control product such as Pond Defender will keep the large pest birds from gaining access to the edge of the koi pond. Continue reading

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