Bird Control for Loading Docks

How to Stop Birds from Nesting in Loading Docks

Bird Control for Loading Docks

Discover how to keep birds from nesting in your loading dock canopy. Choose from a selection of professional bird control products designed to prevent birds from accessing your loading dock.  

Damages Associated with Bird-Infested Loading Docks

While a bird or two may not be a big deal, a group of nesting pigeons on your loading dock can quickly become a major problem for your business. These birds can contaminate your product shipments with their droppings, creating a mess that can be difficult to clean up. In addition, the droppings can create slip and fall hazards for your employees, putting them at risk for injury. 

If left unchecked, a bird control problem can damage your company's reputation and create health risks for your employees. Bird droppings can carry over 60 transmittable diseases, making it essential to take action as soon as possible. Don't let a bird problem put your business in jeopardy – contact Bird B Gone for effective bird control solutions today. 

Note: It is important to clean away nesting materials and droppings thoroughly before installation of products. 

birds nesting in loading dock

How to Stop Birds Nesting in Loading Dock Canopy

Our experts say the most effective way to prevent birds from nesting in loading docks is to install bird control netting. Professionally installing bird netting will completely prevent birds from accessing the rafters and I-beams. Netting is truly the only option that will ensure a bird-free environment. The rafters, I-beams, supports and the ceiling of a loading dock provides ample protection from harsh weather conditions and predatory birds. This is precisely why pigeons and other birds find loading docks ideal for nesting. 

Bird Netting for Loading Docks (Best Product to Use)

  • Highly effective for All Bird Species
  • Discrete and hard to notice when installed properly
  • Protects product shipments from droppings
  • Available in black, stone, and white color options
  • Heavy Duty Bird Netting from Bird B Gone has 10-year product warranty
  • Skill Level: professional installation is recommended

How to Repel and Scare Birds Away from Loading Docks

In addition to netting, secondary deterrents can help keep birds out of the general area. Products such as Avian Block Bird Repellent Pouches irritate the bird’s senses to repel from the area. Harmless to humans, these pouches utilize grape seed extract to drive birds out. Sound and visual deterrents can be installed in addition to netting to scare birds away from the general area surrounding the property. These products trigger the bird’s instinct to flee when danger is detected. 

Avian Block Bird Repellent Pouches

  • Works on all bird species
  • Aromatic bird repellent smell irritates birds’ mucous membrane
  • Active ingredient Methyl Anthranilate (grape seed extract)
  • Small pouches are discrete and hard to notice
  • Perfect addition to bird netting

Bird Chase Super Sonic 

  • Plays prerecorded audible bird distress calls to scare birds away
  • Predatory calls are cycled in to signal danger
  • Covers up to 1 acre with built in speaker (can add up to 4 additional speakers)
  • Requires 110-120v outlet for power

Reflect-A-Bird Deterrent

  • A highly reflective spinning visual deterrent
  • Silent wind powered
  • Durable weatherproof design made from aluminum and plastic
  • Easy to install

Loading docks are a prime target for bird infestations due to their sheltered nature, which offers protection from both harsh weather conditions and potential predators. Without a proper bird control plan in place, your loading dock can quickly become a sanctuary for birds, disrupting the efficiency of your business's shipping and packaging department. By implementing effective bird control measures, you can ensure a more productive and hygienic working environment for your employees while protecting your reputation from the harmful effects of bird infestations. 

Consult a Professional Bird Control Expert

If you are unsure of which products to use for your loading dock, please give our Bird Control Experts a call at 1-800-392-6915. Our team of experts are ready to identify the problem and help find the best possible solution for your loading dock.  

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