Liquid Bird Repellents

Modify Pest Bird Behavior to Protect a Variety of Areas

Liquid Bird Repellents

Bird B Gone offers a number of highly effective and humane liquid bird repellent sprays designed to drive birds away and stave off the many problems caused by nuisance birds. Our non-toxic, easy-to-use bird repellents help resolve all different types of bird control issues.

Bird B Gone Can Help

Birds can be a real nuisance. If you have large populations of pest birds such as pigeons, geese, gulls, or sparrows, then you know exactly what we mean. Birds, their droppings, and the debris they leave behind cause an unsightly mess and expose anyone who comes around to various significant health risks. Bird nests and feathers can clog rain gutters and downspouts, leading to roof leaks. This debris can also jam up AC units, window frames, and rooftop vents. Caustic bird droppings can deface and damage wood, metal, plastic, and stone surfaces. Outdoor light fixtures, security cameras, and dish antennas can only take so much abuse from bird droppings before they begin to fail, and the diseases carried by bird droppings can render surfaces unsanitary.

As bad as all that is, it’s by no means the end of the story. Pest birds like geese can quickly destroy golf courses, corporate lawns, parks, and water features. These large birds can cover large areas with unsightly and smelly droppings that ruin the aesthetics of parks or gardens and contaminate fountains and water features. It’s essential that keeping your personal or business property free of birds and their debris be an integral part of your overall pest management plan.

Bird Repellent Sprays

Liquid repellents are useful for almost any bird control problem in any setting, but they are especially appropriate in outdoor areas where it’s simply not possible to remove or block every element that might attract geese or other pest birds. Large-scale environments such as gardens, marinas, commercial agricultural locations, parks, golf courses, and many others can be successfully treated with liquid bird repellents. These repellants make spaces less attractive for nuisance birds, and they will not only leave but actually stay away.

What Can You Spray To Keep Birds Away?

Bird B Gone offers several bird repellent sprays that contain the active ingredient Methyl Anthranilate (MA). All-natural MA is extracted from grape seeds. This non-toxic substance acts like pepper spray for birds; it affects their trigeminal nerve and irritates their eyes, nose, and throat without harming them at all. MA doesn’t irritate any other species; people, cats, dogs, and other farm animals barely even notice MA other than a mild grape smell. MA liquid bird repellents come in a variety of strengths and formulations and can be applied using foggers or sprayers.

When purchasing a liquid bird repellant, you’ll need to consider the following:

  • How large is your area?
  • Is any portion of the area enclosed or partially enclosed?
  • What is your ability/tolerance for reapplication and maintenance?

With these questions in mind, let’s take a look at three of the outstanding liquid bird repellants offered by Bird B Gone.

AVIAN Control

Avian Control™ is Bird B Gone’s solution for large-scale environments such as golf courses, agricultural fields, dairy barns, corporate buildings and parks. This powerful repellent contains a 20% solution of MA plus methyl 2-aminobenzoate, an additional active ingredient. This combination of irritants is proven to drive flocking birds, starlings, crows, pigeons, geese and other birds away. One gallon of AVIAN Control liquid repellent will treat roughly 4 acres. Spray or fogging equipment, including large-scale agricultural spray equipment or thermal fogging machines, can be used to disperse Avian Control. Avian Control is non-toxic, easy to use, and does not harm vegetation. This product needs to be reapplied every 7-14 days, depending upon weather conditions.

AVIAN Migrate

Avian Migrate is popular for use on lawns, grassy areas, athletics fields, trees, bushes, dumpsters and other similar outdoor areas. AVIAN Migrate contains a 14.5% solution of MA as well as a colorant visible only to birds. The smell, taste, and sight of AVIAN Migrate send all birds packing and reminds them not to come back. One gallon of AVIAN Migrate will treat approximately 16,000 square feet or 1/3 of an acre. AVIAN Migrate is sprayed. Like all MA products, Avian Migrate is non-toxic and harmless to vegetation and requires regular reapplication every 7-14 days.

Avian Fog Force™ TR Bird Repellent

Avian Fog Force™ TR Bird Repellent is an excellent liquid-repellent solution suitable for well-defined, partially enclosed areas such as dairy barns, stables, open garages and storage buildings, pools, patios, stadiums, marinas, and outdoor eating areas. Avian Fog Force™ TR Bird Repellent contains a 14.5% concentration of MA and is dosed using programmable spray mist dispenser cabinets designed to house disposable aerosol cans. Each dispenser cabinet releases an invisible aerosolized bird repellent mist on a user-selected, programmable schedule. It’s fast and easy to place multiple dispenser cabinets strategically where birds are a problem. Each can of Avian Fog Force™ TR Bird Repellent will repel birds from an approximately 42,000 cubic foot area for about 30 days. This powerful non-toxic repellent requires minimal effort to maintain while providing maximum protection.

Trust Liquid Repellents from Bird B Gone

Bird B Gone’s diverse lineup of AVIAN liquid repellants has something for anyone with a bird problem, large or small. Repelling birds requires making your space as unattractive and inhospitable to birds as possible, and nothing does this better than our liquid bird repellents. Our wide selection guarantees you can find a product to protect your property and fit your budget.

If you need assistance deciding which AVIAN product is right for you, please call to talk to one of our bird control experts today. Bird B Gone is a leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative bird control products, including our line of outstanding liquid repellents. Our products are proven to provide safe, effective, humane bird protection. Create a bird-free zone on your property today with the help of our exceptional products and our professional, expert staff.

Protect your residential or commercial property from costly bird damage with powerful liquid bird repellants from Bird B Gone.

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