Bird Control for Gardens

How to Keep Birds Out of Gardens

Bird Control for Gardens

Discover how to keep birds out of gardens with the help of Bird B Gone’s carefully selected bird control products. Choose from a selection of bird deterrents for gardens. 

Should You Keep Birds Out of Your Garden?

Birds can be both beneficial and detrimental to gardens, providing pollination and consuming insects, but also feeding on and damaging crops. There are several methods to prevent birds from causing damage to your backyard, including the use of bird deterrents for gardens. So, the answer is yes and no, it depends on your specific needs and wants.

Birds can cause several issues for gardens, such as consuming crops, damaging plants and soil, and spreading diseases. To prevent these issues, Bird B Gone offers bird deterrents such as bird netting, bird repellents, and bird scare devices. These products provide physical, smell and taste, and visual barriers that deter birds from accessing and damaging the garden.

Prepare Your Garden Before the Birds Show Up

Preventing a bird problem before it happens will always be easier than targeting a large flock of birds that have been around for several seasons. Protecting your garden before the birds show up is the best way to say it. Choose from the following DIY garden bird deterrents.

Note: It is important to clean away nesting materials and droppings thoroughly before installation of products.

DIY Methods to Keep Birds Away from Your Garden

Below you will find several carefully selected DIY methods to keep birds away from your garden. Bird B Gone's garden bird deterrents are humane, eco-friendly, and made of long-lasting materials, making them an excellent investment for gardeners looking for a solution to keep birds away.

3/4" Garden Netting

Using something as simple as garden netting will significantly decrease the amount of bird activity, as it prevents birds from being able to feed on the fruits and vegetables in your garden. Use garden netting for areas that needs to be fully protected from pest birds.

  • Best way to block birds from attacking fruits and vegetables
  • Durable lightweight net allows plants to grow properly
  • Create inexpensive framework to tent garden netting over plants
  • Perfect for DIY garden netting
  • 14’ x 100’ net can be cut to smaller sizes

Bird Repellents for Gardens 

Liquid bird repellent sprays, such as Avian Control, can be sprayed directly on the plants to protect from pest birds. The active ingredient Methyl Anthranilate (MA) irritates birds when consumed. The birds learn to avoid the areas the spray has been applied to. It is recommended to pair liquid repellents with a secondary form of bird control such as a visual or sound deterrent.

Avian Control Liquid Spray

  • Grape seed extract irritates bird’s mucous membrane
  • Spray plants, fruits, vegetables with Avian Control
  • Reapplication every few days is recommended
  • suitable for use around humans, pets and terrestrial animals

keep birds out of garden

Keep Birds Out of Gardens with Sound and Visual Deterrents 

Sound and visual bird deterrents are great ways to help scare birds away from your garden. Once you have netted the most important areas of your garden, you can use sound and visual deterrents are fantastic preventative treatments for pest birds. Sound and visuals are designed to mimic predatory animals, scaring pest birds away from your garden area. 

Bird Chase Super Sonic

  • Scares birds away with audible recorded bird distress calls
  • Programable for over 22 bird species to scare birds away from gardens
  • Covers up to an acre in area
  • Adjustable volume

Hawk Decoy

  • Life size hawk decoy scares small birds away
  • Easily move hawk frequently to keep scaring birds

Holographic Flash Tape

  • Highly reflective Mylar ribbon material
  • Cut strips to hang from posts and shrubs
  • Movement of Flash Tape scares bird from gardens

Scare Bird Garden Stakes 

  • Looks just like sunflowers
  • Holographic sticker reflects light to scare small birds flying past gardens
  • Place garden stakes around targeted plants
  • Easy to use and move when needed

Preventing birds from causing damage to gardens is crucial to preserve the health and productivity of the crops. Bird B Gone offers effective and humane solutions to prevent birds from accessing and damaging gardens, making it a great investment for gardeners.

Professional Bird Control Recommendations

If you are unsure of which products to use for your garden, please give our Bird Control Experts a call at 1-800-392-6915. Our team of experts are ready to identify the problem and help find the best possible solution for your garden.  

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