Industrial Pond Netting

Bird Species All birds
Where to use Tailing ponds, retention ponds, water collection sites, tanks, oil and frac pits, water collection sites, industrial sites.
Guarantee 10 years
Material High density UV-protected knotted polyethylene (HDPE).

6-week+ lead time on all sizes. For questions or to place an order, contact our office at 800-392-6915 or 949-472-3122.

product-industrial-pond-netting-up-close.jpgBird B Gone Industrial Pond Netting is used to keep migratory birds out of tailing and retention ponds, tanks, oil and frac pits and other water collection areas. Industrial Pond Netting is used as a humane physical barrier to block birds from entering unwanted areas.

Our netting is manufactured using high-density UV-protected knotted polyethylene and is available in several different mesh sizes ranging from 3/4 in. to 4 in. and is available with break strengths from 116 lbs. to 740 lbs.

Industrial Pond Protection Netting Features and Benefits

  • Most efficient and effective method for excluding pest birds.
  • Made from high density UV protected polyethylene knotted netting (HDPE)
  • Rot proof and waterproof
  • Available in several different mesh sizes ranging from 3/4" to 4"
  • Protects waterfowl from contaminated water
  • Installation hardware and tools available
  • Virtually invisible and maintenance free
  • Avoid hefty fines related to waterfowl and wildlife mortality

While there are other methods that can be used to deter pest birds, we recommend bird control netting. Once in place, it will permanently exclude all birds, is virtually invisible and is maintenance free.

Architect Specifications (3-part Specs.)

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Installation Options

  • Bird B Gone offers made to order custom-sized nets that can be shipped to your site for your team to install. Contact us at 800-392-6915 or 949-472-3122 for a quote.
  • Turnkey installations services are also available. Bird B Gone offers a network of Authorized Installers qualified to install this product for you. 

For help with ordering and installing Industrial Pond Netting, contact our Bird Control Experts at 800-392-6915