Solar Bird Repeller


The Solar Bird Repeller is a portable solar-powered bird deterrent that uses continuous motion to deter large pest birds from landing and perching. Powered by a solar panel, two 2.5-foot telescoping "arms" mounted above the unit spin continuously, protecting up to a 5-foot diameter circle. The spinning movement effectively deters birds from the area. The Solar Bird Repeller is not recommended where birds have been nesting.

  • ideal for pigeons, seagulls, and similar sized birds
  • Sweeping motion physically stops birds
  • Up to 5-ft diameter coverage
  • Solar powered motor, rechargeable batteries included
  • Ideal for boats, AC units, patios, pools, swim platforms, furniture, gazebos and more

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Solar Bird Repeller has two 2.5 foot telescoping retractable arms mounted on top of the unit that spin continuously providing a total of 5 feet of coverage.  The spinning and sweeping movement physically blocks birds from entering the protective area. Solar Bird Repeller is ideal for preventing birds from landing on boats, air conditioner units, docks, swim platforms, roofs, skylights, patio furniture and more. Solar Bird Repeller is sold as a complete unit and includes two AA rechargeable batteries that store enough power to keep the unit spinning. In addition, the unit is lightweight, easy to mount, and can be mounted to flat or angled surfaces.

Features and Benefits

  • Humane bird control solution! Will not harm birds!
  • Solar powered bird deterrent
  • Uses continuous motion to prevent large birds from landing - 5 ft. diameter of coverage
  • Includes 2-AA rechargeable batteries for extended operation during dark periods
  • Ideal for boats, AC units, patios, pools, swim platforms, furniture, gazebos and more
  • Lightweight, portable, and easy to mount; can be mounted to flat or angled surfaces


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