Physical Bird Deterrents

Make Your Area Inaccessible to Birds

By far, the simplest, most straightforward approach to managing a bird problem is to find ways to prevent birds from roosting or nesting in your area by using physical bird deterrents. Physical bird deterrents work by making an area inaccessible to birds. This keeps them from landing, roosting, or nesting, and forces them to move on to someplace else. Bird B Gone carries a range of safe and humane products proven to deter bird species of all kinds. 

Birds, while certainly delightful at times, are also a nuisance. They are often noisy and messy, both of which are difficult, if not impossible, to live with. The costs of leaving a bird problem unaddressed are high; letting your property "go to the birds" can result in damages, cleanup bills, regulatory penalties, and even lost business. If you have a pest bird problem, you can be confident that Bird B Gone has a solution. Our philosophy is simple and straightforward:

  • Bird control is possible.
  • We focus on finding the least expensive, simplest option that will make your property unattractive to birds and keep them away.
  • We know that outsmarting birds requires a strategic approach; effective bird control typically involves a combination of deterrents to be effective. The bird control experts at Bird B Gone will recommend bird control solutions that use a variety of deterrents to ensure the greatest chance for success.

Don't wait any longer to solve a bird problem; shop Bird B Gone for effective solutions today.

Take a Physical Approach to Deterring Birds

Dissuading and thwarting roosting and nesting birds takes a variety of forms. The options you choose depend upon the nature of the space you need to protect. All our deterrent products are fully compliant with state and federal laws and don't harm birds in any way.

Flat, Narrow Surfaces

Ledges, parapet walls, eaves, windowsills, roof edges, and more

Flat, narrow surfaces are like bird magnets; regardless of how subtle these spaces may be, birds always seem able to find them. Luckily, Bird B Gone offers a number of possible solutions to protect these areas.

Bird Slope

Bird Slope is a physical bird deterrent that rests on flat, narrow surfaces. Its angled design makes it impossible for birds to land or nest. Each 4-foot section of Bird Slope can be permanently installed using construction-grade adhesive and will protect an area 5.5 inches to 10.5 inches wide for years. Bird Slope is available in gray and stone, both of which are visually unobtrusive.

Bird Spikes

Bird Spikes are strips of blunt, harmless spikes designed to frustrate birds' efforts to land. Spike strips can be permanently or temporarily mounted and are available in plastic or stainless steel. Our high-quality pigeon spikes come in 2-foot sections and are ready for easy installation.

Bird Wire

Bird Wire is a system of posts, springs, and wires that creates an unstable landing area for nuisance birds. When birds attempt to land on the wire, the spring wire system creates a sensation of instability, which causes the birds to look elsewhere for a safe landing space. Bird Wire is a low-profile physical bird deterrent system that works well in a variety of situations, both narrow and broad. Bird B Gone offers a complete line of professional-grade installation components to ensure you get the maximum protection.

Broader Flat Surfaces and Other Concentrated Areas

Boats, docks, streetlights, signs, rooftops, skylights, AC units, and more

While it's possible to protect broader flat surfaces with rows of spikes and slopes, Bird B Gone also carries several excellent alternatives that lend themselves well to these types of locations.

Bird Spider 360

This physical deterrent uses the gentle, wind-powered movement of long, flexible, stainless-steel arms to frighten birds and stop them from landing. The Bird Spider's polycarbonate base can be permanently mounted to almost any flat surface using construction adhesive and screws. It can also be temporarily mounted using our sandbag and railing mounts.

Repeller 360

The Repeller 360 is a visual and physical bird deterrent. It uses wind power to spin two stainless-steel arms tipped with reflective "predator eyes" that confuse and scare birds. The combination of motion, reflective predator eyes, and long arms humanely and effectively scares birds away and interferes with their ability to get comfortable.


Vents, doorways, roof tiles, retractable awnings, behind signs, pipe entrances, cracks, holes, and more

Sometimes the best physical deterrent is an exclusion device. Bird B Gone's wide selection of exclusion products is unmatched. Talk to our bird control experts to determine which solution is right for you.

Bird Netting

We carry the best bird netting available, guaranteed! Netting provides an assailable physical barrier to birds of all shapes and sizes. You'll find lightweight, seasonal garden netting as well as heavy-duty, permanent bird mesh; whatever your circumstances, you're certain to find the netting you need. In addition, we provide you with all the tools and training necessary to get the job done right the first time.

Copper Mesh

This wiry copper mesh can easily be molded by hand to fit the shape of any small area you need to block birds from entering. Squeeze it into cracks or holes, behind signs, or around pipe openings to keep birds out.

Defender Vent Guards

These strong vent guards are made from powder-coated, zinc-coated steel for lasting protection. Vertical bars keep birds out while minimizing lint buildup for safety and easy cleaning. Our vent guards are available in two sizes so you can get a good fit and a good look. Installation is quick and easy.

Vinyl Strip Doors

Bird B Gone's strip doors physically block birds from entering buildings, loading docks, warehouses, barns or other open areas. Birds can't get past the heavy vinyl strips made from a UV-resistant sturdy vinyl plastic. We carry a variety of stock sizes, and custom sizes are available upon request.

Design a Bird Deterrent Program That's Right for You

Bird B Gone is at the forefront of innovative bird control products. We are passionate about bird control, and this passion is reflected in the extensive range of bird deterrents we carry. All our physical bird deterrents provide effective and humane solutions for a variety of pest bird problems. Regardless of the specifics of your situation, you can be certain we have a solution that will work for you. Our bird control products and our professional, expert staff together mean you can create a bird-free zone. Call today for advice, training, and installation services from Bird B Gone.

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