Swallow Shield Swallow and Bat Deterrent


Prevent swallows and bats from nesting and messing on your home or business. Swallow Shield by Bird B Gone™ is a humane, light weight, easy to install deterrent used to prevent swallows from making mud nests in eaves, overhangs, gables, entry ways and other areas. This versatile product can also be used as a bat deterrent.

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Bird Species
Bird Pressure
Light to Medium
Where to Use
Eaves, overhangs, gables, entry ways and other areas
Clear mono-filament lines attached to clear plastic strip
Two sections 3" wide by 11" long each
Easy. Each clear strip of Swallow Shield™ has a self-adhering back for fast application.

Swallow Shield™ is virtually invisible from the ground level. Each clear strip of Swallow Shield™ has a self-adhering back for fast application. Clear mono-filament lines hang from each strip. The lines block access to nesting sites and harass swallows’ wings encouraging them to leave the area. Bats will no longer be able to navigate to resting spots as the lines disrupt their solar abilities.

Each Swallow Shield™ Kit contains two sections 3" wide by 11" long each. For easy attachment, use the strip adhesive backing.

Features and Benefits:

  • Prevents swallows from nesting and bats from resting
  • For use under eaves, overhangs, gables, entry ways and other areas
  • Humane and effective; does not harm birds, bats, or wildlife
  • Virtually invisible
  • Easy to install, just peel and stick - no tools required!
  • Best swallow deterrent on the market!

For standard installation: Position Swallow Shield™ one (1) inch from and parallel to the wall where swallow nests are forming, or bats are resting. Wipe under eave with alcohol where tape is to be applied. Remove adhesive backing (red strip) and firmly press onto eave or gable. Corners will require 2 installed at right angle. Aggressive sites may require 2 (one in front of the other).

For temporary installation: Leave the adhesive backing (red) in place and install in prepared area using the center mounting holes provided. Use push pins, tacks, nails, or screws (not included).

For outdoor fixtures: Lights or speakers should be surrounded and may require 3 or more sections to fully protect the fixture.

Commercial Pricing Available: 800-392-6915

Complete Installation Instructions
Download Installation Instructions (PDF)

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