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Bird Control Products

Bird B Gone sells a complete line of effective and humane bird pest control products to help solve virtually any bird problem. Bird control products are designed to keep birds from landing on or in specific areas. The products we sell can be used to deter pest birds in residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial settings. 

Bird Spikes

Preventing birds from landing on ledges is an important and crucial step in bird deterrence. Anti-bird spikes, from Bird B Gone, offer an effective and humane deterrent for larger bird species and are available in plastic and stainless steel.

Bird Netting

The best Bird Netting in the industry guaranteed! We offer more than quality bird netting, we provide you with all the tools and training you need to get the job done. We offer seasonal garden netting as well as heavy-duty permanent bird mesh; you're certain to find the bird control solution you need at Bird B Gone.

Electric Track

These unique electrically charged tracks impart a mild electrical shock when birds land on them. The shock will not harm birds, but will condition them to avoid the area.

Bird Wire

The Bird Wire System from Bird-B-Gone is low-profile and is used to keep large birds off ledges, parapet walls, rooflines, handrails and more. Bird Wire consists of a nylon-coated stainless steel wire that is suspended between a series of poles.

Laser Bird Control

The principle of repelling birds with a laser is inspired by nature. Birds perceive the approaching laser beam as a physical danger, which causes them to fly away.

Bird Repellents

Bird B Gone offers numerous humane and effective bird repellents to help resolve all different types of bird control issues.

Liquid Bird Repellents

Birds can be a real nuisance. If you have large populations of pest birds such as pigeons, geese, gulls, or sparrows, then you know exactly what we mean. Birds, their droppings, and the debris they leave behind cause an unsightly mess and expose anyone who comes around to various significant health risks. Bird nests and feathers can clog rain gutters and downspouts, leading to roof leaks. This debris can also jam up AC units, window frames, and rooftop vents. Caustic bird droppings can deface and damage wood, metal, plastic, and stone surfaces. Outdoor light fixtures, security cameras, and dish antennas can only take so much abuse from bird droppings before they begin to fail, and the diseases carried by bird droppings can render surfaces unsanitary.

Bird Repellent Gel

Gel Bird Repellents are used to prevent pigeons and other large birds from roosting and congregating in unwanted areas. The unique combination of smells and the sticky sensation on their feet causes birds to stop landing on the surface and leave the area.

Bird Deterrents

Bird deterrents are an important ingredient in every bird control strategy. Deterrents discourage birds from visiting your property and, depending upon the specific product, may completely prevent them from landing or nesting. Bird B Gone carries a wide variety of safe and humane products proven to deter a wide range of birds. All our deterrent products are safe, effective, and humane and are fully compliant with state and federal laws.

Physical Bird Deterrents

Birds, while certainly delightful at times, are also a nuisance. They are often noisy and messy, both of which are difficult, if not impossible, to live with. The costs of leaving a bird problem unaddressed are high; letting your property "go to the birds" can result in damages, cleanup bills, regulatory penalties, and even lost business. If you have a pest bird problem, you can be confident that Bird B Gone has a solution. Our philosophy is simple and straightforward:

Sound Bird Deterrents

Bird Deterrent Sound Systems use distress and predator calls, along with other sounds to scare birds, to humanely deter a wide variety of winged pests. These bird control devices have been scientifically designed to deter birds from large open spaces.

Solar Panel Bird Deterrent

Find a Solar Mesh Installer in your areaRooftop solar panels create an ideal environment for pigeons and other pest birds to nest and roost. The solar panel bird deterrent is designed to prevent pest birds from accessing the area beneath solar arrays.

Visual Bird Deterrents

Birds have remarkable vision. Good eyesight is essential for safe flights as well as safe landings and birds have a number of biological adaptations that result in visual acuity far above other vertebrates. Consider the following notable avian visual variations:

Woodpecker Deterrent

Woodpeckers are protected by both federal and state laws and cannot be captured or killed. This means only non-lethal, proactive methods should be used to deter them.

Bird Control Hazers, Fogging and MA

Bird B Gone offers a number of effective and humane solutions for deterring pest birds and geese from open and semi-open spaces.

Bird Traps and Capture Nets

When trapping is necessary, Bird-B-Gone has the widest selection of humane live traps available in a variety of sizes to help accommodate the species of pest bird posing a problem.

Adhesives and Sealants

Bird B Gone has the adhesives needed to properly install bird control products. Our adhesives and sealants provide exceptional adhesion to wood, metal, glass, fiberglass, ceramics, masonry, concrete, asphalt, vinyl and more.

Sanitation and Equipment

Protect yourself while cleaning up your job site! When pest birds gather and roost in, on or near human habitable areas, they can quickly pose a number of health and safety hazards. Bird B Gone has the sanitation products and equipment to remove bird droppings.


At Bird B Gone, we measure our success by the success we create for our customers.

Our goal is not to simply sell products, but to help solve bird problems effectively, humanely and economically. We pride ourselves on our commitment to high quality products, training and customer service.

We encourage customers to call in for advice on choosing the correct bird deterrent depending on the species of bird, their behavior and the area they are posing a problem. We also offer free training and support for all aspects of bird control.

Our professional grade bird deterrents are manufactured in the US and carry industry-leading guarantees. For help choosing the right product for your bird problem call us at 800-392-6915 or email


  • Bird Spikes
    • Physical bird deterrent humanely prevents large birds from landing on flat or curved surfaces.
  • Bird Netting
    • Used as a physical barrier to block birds unwanted areas. Humane and 100% effective.
  • Electric Track Bird Deterrents
    • Low profile electric track systems do not harm birds but do condition them to avoid the area.
  • Bird Slope
    • Blocks birds from landing on beams and ledges. Effective where birds have been nesting.
  • Bird Wire
    • Post and wire system creates an unstable, uncomfortable landing surface for large birds.
  • Bird Spiders
    • Used for concentrated areas, these bird deterrents move in the wind to scare birds from landing.
  • Bird Repellers
    • Spin continuously to prevent birds from landing.
  • Bird Repellents
    • Use nontoxic agents that birds cannot stand to keep areas bird free.
  • Professional Bird Traps
    • Used to trap and relocate birds.
  • Bird Sound Deterrents
    • Use recorded bird distress and predator calls to scare birds from large open And More!

It is important to choose the correct bird pest control product for your particular pest bird problem. If you are having trouble choosing the correct product, please call our product specialists at 800-392-6915 for help!

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