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Bird B Gone Plastic Bird Spikes keep birds from landing and roosting in unwanted areas on your property. Bird spikes are an effective, humane and cost-effective bird control solution that will not harm birds. Birds are unable to land on the bird spikes forcing them to leave the area. Bird B Gone Plastic Bird Spikes are ready to use, easy to install with no assembly or maintenance required. See ledge chart in full product description for help selecting the appropriate spike width for your situation. Not recommended in areas where birds have been nesting.

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Bird Species
Pigeons, seagulls, crows, vultures or larger birds. Not recommended in areas where birds have been nesting.
Bird Pressure
Light to Medium
Where to Use
Roof peaks, ledges, rooflines, beams, rooflines, parapet walls, eaves, I-beams, windowsills, light posts, signs, and more
5-year from manufacturer’s defects and defects caused by U.V. breakdown
UV protected polycarbonate, one-piece construction
2-foot spike strip sections; patented one-piece design
Easy to install; can be glued, screwed, or tied down to most surfaces

Virtually invisible, plastic bird Spikes are ideal for use on roof peaks, ledges, rooflines, parapet walls, eaves, I-beams, windowsills, light posts, signs, and more. The patented Bird B Gone Plastic Bird Spike design is made from a non-conductive U.V. protected polycarbonate plastic that is not affected by extreme temperatures and will not break! Our patented design does not require assembly and does not require strips to be assembled together to create the appropriate width.

Sizing Suggestions

Ledge SizeSuggested Spike Width
1" - 5" width 3" width
5" - 7" width 5" width
6" - 9" width 7" width

* Wider ledges may require multiple rows of bird spike strips. Install bird spike strips with 1 in overlap.

Plastic Bird Spike Features and Benefits

  • Humane, will not harm birds
  • Easy to install
  • Can be glued, screwed, or tied down to most surfaces
  • No maintenance
  • Virtually invisible
  • Super strong and unbreakable
  • Available in 3 in., 5 in., 7 in. widths for maximum coverage
  • Patented design
  • Will not cut or injure installer!
  • Pre-assembled two-foot sections significantly reduces installation time
  • Glue trough on base of bird spike sections allows for fast and easy application
  • Non-conductive. Will not interfere with electrical or communication & transmissions
  • U.V. protected and weatherproof. Not affected by extreme temperatures (+310°F to -200°F)!
  • Notched strip design allows for smaller pieces to be broken away; no tools area necessary
  • Ideal for use on ledges, roof peaks, I-beams, parapet walls, conduits, signs, flat or curved surfaces
  • Manufactured by Bird B Gone, Inc.
  • 5-year guarantee against manufacturer defects and defects caused by U.V. breakdown

Each Bird B Gone plastic bird spike strip comes pre-assembled in two-foot sections and can be glued, screwed or tied down to most surfaces. Read and follow all instructions prior to installation.

Surface Preparation

The first step prior to installing bird spikes is to clean and dry the area where bird spikes will be installed. Bird B Gone offers cleaning supplies to get the job started off right. As birds and their debris carry transmittable diseases, always use extreme care and wear proper personal protection gear. Visit Bird Control Safety for additional information on how to safely clean up bird droppings.


Surface should be clean and dry before installation. Select width of bird spike based on surface to be covered. For permanent placement, glue, screw, or tie down bird spike strips in conjunction with an outdoor construction grade adhesive.

If you planning to install clear spike with an adhesive, we suggest the use of E6100 as this adhesive dries clear.

Commercial Pricing Available: 800-392-6915

Complete Installation Instructions
Download Installation Instructions (PDF)

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