Bird Control for Parking Garages

How to Keep Birds Out of Parking Garages

Bird Control for Parking Garages

Multi-level parking structures are a bird’s paradise, allowing for a multitude of covered ledges to nest and pipes to perch on. With a purpose to protect cars from weather and keep them clean, vehicles are parked in garages to avoid birds and their droppings. Pigeons are the most prolific pest bird in the United States. To no surprise, they are the prime culprit when it comes to birds wreaking havoc in parking structures. 

Birds Pooping on Your Car?

Pigeon droppings are acidic, damaging and will ruin your paint job quicker than you may think. Especially if left to fester and if it's happening day after day.

You have come to the right place if you are looking for the best methods to keep birds out of your parking structure. Bird control products will help deter birds from commercial parking garages, residential garages and carports. 

Note: It is important to clean away nesting materials and droppings thoroughly before installation of products. 

birds nesting in parking garage

For Birds Nesting in Parking Garage

Multi-level parking garages will allow birds to enter from all sides, for his reason a multifaceted bird control plan is recommended. Consultation with a professional installer is highly advised for large commercial structures. The main issue is to eradicate nesting birds with proper exclusionary products, such as bird netting and bird slope. If nesting sites are ignored, birds are guaranteed to return to the area. Once exclusionary methods have been incorporated for nesting birds or if no sign of nesting is present, alternative products can be utilized. 

3/4" Bird Netting for Parking Structures (Primary Solution) 

  • Most effective product for garages and nesting birds
  • Heavy Duty Bird Netting by Bird B Gone carries a 10-year product warranty for black netting
  • Ideal multi-level structures, residential garages, small carports
  • Skill Level: professional installation is recommended

Bird Slope (Only for Ledges)

  • Creates a 45 degree angle slope on ledges
  • Prevents birds from landing and dropping nesting material on ledge
  • Needs a backwall to fit flush against
  • Color Options: Gray & Stoone
  • Each slope section is 4’ in length and covers a 5.5” deep ledge
  • Slope extenders are available for ledges with depths of up to 10.5”

For Birds Only Perching (Non-Nesting)

Parking garages commonly will have pipes, supports, and ledges for birds to perch, loaf, and roost. Pigeons take advantage of these areas to rest and sit. Identify locations in the structure with parking spaces directly under exposed pipes and ledges, prioritizing these locations first. Products such as bird spikes will prevent pigeons from sitting on singular pipping, electrical conduit and lighting fixtures.  Avian Block Repellent Pouches can also be utilized to prevent further pigeon infestations. 

Stainless Steel Bird Spikes

  • Available in stainless steel or polycarbonate plastic spikes
  • Attach to pipping with adhesive and wire ties
  • Bird B Gone Bird Spikes carry long product warranties
  • Skill Level: DIY friendly, installs quickly and easily
  • Not for nesting areas

Avian Block Bird Repellent Pouches

  • Install as secondary deterrent after exclusionary products
  • Aromatic sent technology irritates birds’ mucous membrane
  • Covers a 10-ft diameter area per pouch
  • Active ingredient is methyl anthranilate (grape seed extract)
  • Skill Level: DIY Friendly, as simple as hanging a pouch

Bird-Out Aromatic Bird Repellent 

  • Aromatic grape scent that repels pest birds
  • Repels pigeons, sparrows starlings, cliff swallows, and American crows
  • Dispensers can be installed on garages, balconies, patios, tool sheds, backyards and other outdoor areas
  • Replaceable cartridges last up to 60 days 
  • Repels birds from 20' x 20' x 20' (8000 cu. ft.) areas

Professional Recommendations

If you are unsure of which products to use for your parking garage, please give our Bird Control Experts a call at 1-800-392-6915. Our team of experts are ready to identify the problem and help find the best possible solution for your parking garage.

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