Vinyl Strip Doors


Vinyl Strip Doors from Bird B Gone are used to physically block birds from entering buildings or open areas. Birds will not be able to move past the heavy vinyl strips to gain access to the building. The strips are made of a UV resistant sturdy vinyl plastic and are available in stock and custom sizes.

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Feature and Benefits

  • Stops birds from entering warehouses, buildings and facilities
  • Comes cut to size, complete with hardware ready to hang
  • Effective for all birds
  • For custom Vinyl Strip Door sizes, please call us at 800-392-6915
Item# Door Width and Height % of Overlap
VSD-3X7 3' x 7' 50%
VSD-4X8 4' x 8' 50%

6' x' 8'


8' x 8'

VSD-8X10 8' x 10' 66%
VSD-10X10 10' x 10' 66%
VSD-12X12 12' x 12' 66%

Custom Size Strip Doors Sizes Available

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