Bird Control for Lawn Care & Grass Seed

How to Keep Birds from Eating Grass Seed

Bird Control for Lawn Care & Grass Seed

Discover how to keep birds from eating grass seed on your lawn and turf. Choose from a selection of bird control for lawn care and grass seed protection. 

Why Do Birds Eat Grass Seed?

Birds eat grass seed for a variety of reasons, but the most common reason is that it's easily accessible. When a freshly seeded lawn is left unprotected, it becomes an easy meal for birds of all sizes. Small birds like sparrows and grackles will forage for seed, while larger birds like Canada geese will graze on the fresh grass and turf. Without any barriers, deterrents, pest birds can quickly damage your lawn and undo all of your gardening efforts. 

How to Stop Birds from Eating Grass Seed and Turf

Stopping birds from eating your grass seed and turf can be a challenging task. However, there are several effective methods available to help keep geese, ducks, and black birds away from your property. At Bird B Gone, we offer humane and effective solutions to prevent these birds from damaging your lawn. 

There are three main categories of bird control products for lawn care: liquid repellents, visual deterrents, and sound deterrents. Liquid bird control products are created using concentrated grape seed extracts that can be sprayed directly on the grass or vegetation that birds feed on. 

It's essential to have a multifaceted lawn care plan that includes products from more than one of these categories to increase the chances of successfully deterring birds from your yard. 

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Bird Repellent Sprays for Lawn Care

Liquid bird repellent sprays are effective in repelling birds as they irritate the bird's mucous membrane, causing them to stay away from the treated areas. To condition the birds to avoid these areas, we’ve found that it's extremely important to regularly apply liquid bird repellents every few days during the early stages of the process. This will ensure a heavy coating of repellent is always present, and the birds learn to stay away. 

Avian Control Bird Repellent Spray - (1 gal & 1/2 gal)

  • Non-toxic food grade liquid spray
  • Reapply every few days to ensure heavy coating is irritating birds
  • 1 gallon will cover approximately 3-5 acres
  • Available in 1 gallon or 1/2 gallon options

Visual Bird Deterrents for Lawn Care

Visual bird deterrent products are straight forward, they are designed to scare birds away from the general area. They work best as a preventative form of protection against birds, or for newly formed bird problems. You can pair visual deterrents such as a coyote or hawk decoy with liquid bird repellent sprays to increase your efficacy rates. Although not as frequently utilized in residential settings, high-powered green lasers are a common tool among professional groundkeepers in commercial areas such as golf courses, sports arenas, and airport runways. 

Coyote Decoy

  • Life Size realistic coyote decoy
  • Made from durable lightweight EVA rubber
  • Two-piece stake excellent for grass and dirt applications
  • Move decoy periodically on lawn to keep birds away

Agrilaser Handheld Laser Bird Deterrent

  • Range up to 2,500 meters
  • Immediate and long lasting results
  • Red Dot Sight to help aim laser
  • Key lock system to prevent unauthorized use of equipment
  • Rechargeable batteries

Sound Bird Deterrents for Lawn Care

Sound bird deterrents can effectively protect properties with large lawn coverage. They work by emitting audible, prerecorded bird distress calls that warn birds in the area to flee. Predatory hawk calls are often mixed into the audio recordings to further scare away birds. While visual deterrents mimic the appearance of predatory animals, sound deterrents reinforce the audible cues that birds use to recognize the presence of predators in the area. We’ve found this results in a more comprehensive bird control solution. These calls are audible to the human ear and sound just like the birds they are meant to deter. 

Bird Chase Super Sonic 

  • Over 22 prerecorded bird distress calls
  • Built in speaker covers up to 1 acre in area
  • Option to add up to four additional speakers
  • Durable weather proof design
  • Requires 110-120v outlet to power unit
  • 1 year manufacture warranty

Solar Bird Chase Super Sonic

  • Solar powered, does not need to be plugged in to work
  • Built in speaker covers up to 1 acre
    • No additional speaker option
  • Powers off when no sun is detected
  • Over 22 prerecorded bird distress calls
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty

Professional Recommendations

If you are unsure of which products to use for your lawn, please give our Bird Control Experts a call at 1-800-392-6915. Our team of experts are ready to identify the problem and help find the best possible solution for your lawn.  

Additional Bird Control Notes

Birds eat grass seed for a number of reasons but the most obvious is that there’s nothing stopping them. An unprotected freshly seeded lawn is an easy meal for wild birds small and large. Small birds such as sparrows, grackles and other black birds will forage for seed, while large birds such as the Canada goose will graze on freshly grass and turf. With no competition, your lawn and garden efforts can quickly be thwarted by pest birds. 

Stopping birds from eating grass and seeds on your lawn can be a particularly difficult task. Bird B Gone offers several methods to help stop geese, ducks, and black birds from congregating on your property. These birds can quickly destroy and consume large areas of newly seeded lawn. Geese, ducks, and black birds are federally protected birds, limiting control methods to solutions that do not physically harm the birds or their nests. 

Bird control products for lawn care fall into three categories; liquid repellents, visual deterrents, and sound deterrents. Liquid bird control products are made from concentrated grape seed extracts which are sprayed directly on the grass or vegetation birds feed on. 

Having a multifaceted lawn care plan will increase chances to properly deter birds away from your yard. This is why it is important to incorporate products from more than one of the following categories. 

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