Coyote Decoy


The Coyote Decoy is a visual deterrent used to deter geese and ducks from open spaces. Coyotes are a natural predator of geese and ducks, when they see the image of the coyote they will be frightened and leave the area.


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The Yote Coyote is a life-size, realistic coyote decoy. Made of lightweight EVA rubber makes it easy to transfer to the field and fold up for storage.  Even the slightest breeze causes the faux fur tail to move adding extra motion and realism.  Two-piece stake makes for effortless carry and setup. Yote's glass eyes will win any stare down competition with another predator! 

Features and Benefits

  • Life-size, realistic coyote decoy
  • Made of lightweight EVA rubber
  • Easy to fold up and store
  • Effortless transfer to the field
  • Faux fur tail
  • Glass eyes
  • Two-piece stake included

Coyote Decoys are ideal for:

  • Lake Front Properties
  • Golf Courses
  • Parks
  • Beach Areas
  • Athletic Fields
  • Business Parks

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