Bird Control for Gazebos

How to Keep Birds Out of Gazebos

Bird Control for Gazebos

Choose from our selection of bird control products designed to protect your gazebo. Our carefully curated selection of bird control products can help you keep pest birds from perching and nesting in your gazebo. Our team of bird control experts has hand-picked each product to ensure its effectiveness and ease of use.  

Why are Birds Attracted to Your Gazebo?

We’ve found that although gazebos are a beauty to look at, they provide ample protection for birds to nest, rest, and hide. Depending on the construction of your gazebo, the underside support beams typically provide a plethora of space where small birds like to nest. Incorporating the bird control products listed below can drastically reduce the bird activity you are experiencing. 

Note: It is important to clean away nesting materials and droppings thoroughly before installation of products. 

How to Stop Birds from Nesting in Your Gazebo

We’ve found that 3/4" bird netting is the most effective solution for nesting birds in almost all situations. We don’t necessarily mean installing a net on all sides of the gazebo. That would look a little tacky but still very effective. For gazebos and similar type structures recommend installing the net across the ceiling to prevent birds from nesting in these above head spaces. This type of bird net installation is highly effective and allows you the freedom to enjoy the beauty of the gazebo without any of those pest birds. 

Bird Netting - 3/4" Mesh Size

  • #1 method to stop nesting birds
  • Completely stops birds from nesting inside the gazebo ceiling and supports
  • Unnoticeable when installed correctly

Bird Slope – 4’ Long Sections (boxes of 48’)

  • Bird Slope sections create a 45 degree angle birds can no longer nest or roost
  • Sections of bird slope can be installed on support ledges to stop nesting birds
  • Stops birds from perching and nesting on ledges up to 5” deep and 10” with slope extenders
  • Sections come in 4-ft pieces

How to Keep Non-Nesting Birds Away from Your Gazebo

If you are looking for a preventative treatment or just don’t see any nesting birds at all, the following deterrents and repellents are a great alternative. Non-nesting birds are a little easier to deal with because their motivation to stick around is much less compared to birds who have nested. The following products create an uncomfortable environment to discourage and repel pest birds away from your gazebo.  

Avian Block Bird Repellent Pouches

  • Avian Block is an aromatic bird repellent that irritates birds in its 10 diameter area
  • Utilizes grape seed extract scent technology to repel birds from Gazebos
  • Hang pouches under your gazebo to drive unwanted birds away!

Reflect-A-Bird Deterrent 

  • Wind powered visual bird deterrent scares birds away from Gazebos
  • Made from aluminum and durable plastic
  • Highly reflective material mimics predators signaling danger in the area
  • Screw or glue down to roof of gazebo

Preventing birds from ruining your gazebo shouldn’t be as difficult a task as most think. Using these bird control methods can reduce bird activity and create a pest free environment. When bird problems are left to fester can create health and safety risks for those in and around the area, which is why it is important to prevent birds from roosting or nesting on your gazebo. 

Need Professional Bird Control Help?

If you are unsure of which products to use for your gazebo , please give our Bird Control Experts a call at 1-800-392-6915. Our team of experts are ready to identify the problem and help find the best possible solution for your gazebo.  

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