Scare Balloon


The Bird B Gone Scare Balloon is a visual scare device used to scare birds away from outdoor areas. When birds see the bright colors, predator eyes, and reflective surface they will be confused, frightened, and want to avoid the area. The Bird B Gone Scare Balloon is made from a weather resistant vinyl plastic and is about the size of a standard beach ball. There is a “mock” predator eye printed several times around the sides of the balloon, surrounded by a shiny reflective surface. Each Balloon has an eyelet mounted atop for easy hanging. Ideal for deterring birds from fruit trees, docks, balconies, gazebos, overhangs, side of a home, boats, patios and more.



Features and Benefits

  • Low cost solution to scare birds away
  • Inflatable visual scare device
  • Confuses birds with life-like, reflective predator eyes
  • Ideal for use in fruit trees, patio covers, pool areas, gazebos, boats and more!
  • Comes with eyelet on balloon for easy hanging

Scare Balloon is ideal for

  • Trees / Fruit Trees
  • Docks
  • Balconies
  • Gazebos
  • Overhangs
  • Side of a home
  • Boats
  • Patios

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