Boat Bird Deterrents

How do you keep birds away from your Boat?

Boat Bird Deterrents

Discover how to keep your boat and dock protected from birds. Find out why Bird B Gone’s Boat Bird Deterrents are best used to stop seagulls, pigeons, and other pest birds from destroying your property. 


Protecting your boat from seagulls and pigeons is a constant battle, particularly when they nest or roost near boats and docks. Bird droppings are known to corrode surfaces, damage appliances, discolor canvas tops, and create harmful slip and fall hazards. Luckily, the battle to save your boat from bird droppings just got easier with boat bird deterrents from Bird B Gone. 

boat bird deterrents

Bird B Gone offers a variety of boat bird deterrent products specifically made for boat owners. These products are designed to store easily and deploy quickly when docked, shielding vessels from unwanted bird droppings.  

Note: It is important to clean away nesting materials and droppings thoroughly before installation of products.  

Primary Bird Boat Bird Deterrents: 

The best boat bird deterrents should be easy to use and effectively stop gulls from landing on the areas you need to protect. These physical bird control products are recommended as a primary source of protection and are the best boat bird deterrents to use. Physical deterrents such as Repeller 360s and Bird Spider 360s will protect specific areas. 

Repeller 360 – 6ft Diameter 

  • The Repeller 360 is a wind powered deterrent with a 6 ft diameter wing span.
  • This unit spins to stop seagulls from perching on boats, canvas tops, railings and more.
  • Arms fold up to store quickly and easily.
  • Optional Bases sold separately: Sand Bag Base, Boat Base, and Railing Mount

Bird Spider 360 – 2ft, 4ft, 6ft & 8ft Sizes

  • Similar to the Repeller 360, the Bird Spiders arms protect the circular areas
  • Wire arms bounce in the wind blocking birds from landing in its circular area of coverage.
  • Plastic tips prevent wire arms from damaging sensitive appliances
  • Easily tie wire arms up to store when boat is in use.
  • Optional Bases sold separately: Sand Bag Base, Boat Base, and Railing Mount

Solar Bird Repeller – up to 5ft diameter 

  • This solar powered repeller has retractable telescopic arms that spin continuously
  • Arms block seagulls and other birds from perching on your boat
  • Arms extent up to a 5ft diameter circular coverage

Secondary Bird Deterrents for Boats: 

bird deterrent for boats

Sound and visual bird control products are typically used as a secondary source of protection, as these products utilize scare tactics to drive birds out of the area. Sound deterrents cover large areas depending on volume settings, while visual deterrents scare birds from their line of sight. 

Solar Bird Chase Super Sonic 

  • This solar powered sound bird deterrent plays audible recorded bird calls to scare birds away.
  • Adjustable volume covers up to 1 acre in area
  • Great add on to cover large open areas
  • Unit powers off at night and needs to be reprogrammed the following day

Reflect-A-Bird Deterrent

  • This visual bird deterrent reflects sunlight and spins in the wing to scare birds away
  • Can be screwed down or glued down to surfaces
  • Made from durable aluminum and plastic materials 

A Bird Case Study:

One well-known example of bird-related damage to boats occurred at a marina in California. The marina's boats were frequently used by seagulls for roosting, causing significant damage and creating unsanitary conditions. The marina had to spend thousands of dollars on repairs and cleaning, resulting in lost revenue and a negative impact on the customer experience.

Bird Droppings on Boats

A major concern for boat owners and boating businesses is the potential health hazards posed by bird droppings on boats. Bird droppings contain harmful bacteria and viruses that can pose a serious threat to human health. Regular cleaning and maintenance of boats and docks is essential to prevent bird droppings and maintain a safe and healthy environment.

Need Professional Help With The Best Boat Bird Deterrent Products?

If you are unsure of which products to use for your boat, please give our Bird Control Experts a call at 1-800-392-6915. Our team of experts are ready to identify the problem and help find the best possible solution for your boat.  

Contact us today to learn more about how Bird B Gone can keep your boats and docks safe and protected from birds.  

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