Sand Bag Base


Sand Bag is an optional base used to weigh down Bird Spiders or Repeller 360 bird deterrents so they can stand alone.



The Bird B Gone Sand Bag Base is an optional base for use with the Bird B Gone Repeller 360 and/or Bird Spider 360.  Recommended for use on biminis, canvas tops and decks, enabling the Repeller 360 and/or Bird Spider 360 to be weighted down and stand alone.   Attaches directly to the bottom of the Repeller 360 and any size Bird Spider 360; includes all necessary hardware for installation.  The Sand Bag Base is portable and can be easily stowed while boating.

Features and Benefits

  • Keeps Bird B Gone Repeller 360 and any size Bird Spider 360 in place on biminis, canvas tops, and decks.
  • Included is one Sand Bag Base (6.5 lbs.) and necessary hardware (screws and locknuts)
  • Weighted circular design with outer rings provide extra stability for Sand Bag Base
  • Can easily be removed and stowed while sailing or cruising 
  • Blue Canvas material is ideal for all weather conditions 

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