Bird Wire Glue-on Bases - Gray


The Bird Wire Glue-on Bases support the bird wire posts and can be glued down or screwed into surfaces when drilling is not an option.

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The Bird Wire Glue-on Bases are a multi-use base which can be glued down or screwed down permanently. These bird wire bases are compatible with any of the Bird B Gone Bird Wire Stainless Steel Posts. Using screws to anchor to the surface will be the most secure method but these bases can be glued when drilling is not permitted. Rows of bird wire should be installed no more than 3” apart. When spacing bases length wise, space no more than 5’ apart to provide ample tension on Bird Wire. 

Key Features and Benefits

  • Made from a UV protected glass filled nylon
  • Bases can be Glue down or Screw down to surface
  • Great for areas where drilling is not permitted
  • Length wise space between bases should be no more than 5-feet apart, Bird Wire rows should be spaced no more than 3-inches behind each other
  • Available in 50 or 100 pack

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