Avian Control Bird Repellent


Avian Control™ is a non-toxic repellent that discourages geese and other birds from congregating on golf courses, parks, athletic fields, airports, vineyards and other areas where birds are grazing.

  • Repel birds from grass/turf where birds are feeding or grazing 
  • Apply with pump sprayers, agricultural spray equipment, and thermal foggers.
  • Not recommended for nesting birds (do not spray directly on bird nests)
  • Stock sizes: 1 gallon bottle or 1/2 gallon bottle

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Bird Species
Pigeons, starlings, blackbirds, robins, crows, geese
Where to Use
Crops, airports, golf courses, parks, athletic fields, vineyards, dairy barns, other commercial and residential areas
Active Ingredient
20% Methyl Anthranilate (MA), methyl 2-aminobenzoate

Using a unique patent pending formula, Avian Control irritates the birds’ mucous membranes causing them to avoid the area. Avian Control can either be sprayed or fogged for desired effect. Avian Control™ is a liquid bird repellent, recently approved by the EPA, that is effective against all types of nuisance birds (including geese), and is suitable for use around humans, pets and terrestrial animals. All Avian Control™ ingredients are “Generally Regarded As Safe” by the US Food and Drug Administration and are “earth friendly.”

Application Methods

Avian Control™ is suitable for all types of spray and fogging equipment, and may be applied by agricultural spray equipment or thermal fogging machines.

Where to Spray?

Avian Control is made to be sprayed on to grass, turf, fruits, vegetables, and other vegetation birds may be feeding on. When sprayed, Avian Control creates a coating on vegetation designed to repel birds after it is consumed. The irritation felt by Avian Control conditions (trains) bird populations to avoid the applied areas. Reapplication is recommended for stubborn bird populations to help drive away from controlled areas.  

Container Sizes

Stock sizes: 1 gallon bottle or 1/2 gallon bottle

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