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  • Visual and Sound Bird Deterrents

    garden stakesThere are quite a few different effective resources to keep birds out and away from your garden, home and business.  One method is using visual bird deterrents.  Visual deterrents are used to scare birds from an area.  They work by using a common scare trigger such as predator features and reflective materials.  When the birds spot the visual deterrent they will leave the area.  This type of product is ideal for a garden area, other places around the home and the outside areas of a business.  It is a very low-cost way to keep the area protected. Continue reading

  • Top Solutions to Keep Birds Away

    bird problemsFor almost every bird problem, there is a solution that has been developed.  And the solutions keep improving. Increased effectiveness in bird control is the number 1 priority for reputable bird control companies.  The need for bird control is a constant, whether it is residential or commercial.  Commercial bird control is a bit more complicated due to the buildings, their size and ornate structures, and the public that comes and goes.  The repercussions of not having bird control in place are money spent on clean up and building damage and health issues associated with the bird droppings.  It is more 24cost effective to build in bird control than to repair and replace. Continue reading

  • Getting Rid of Pest Birds: Top 3 Bird Control Solutions

    top 3 bird control productsMany buildings and structures are often the victim of pest birds. Over time, bird droppings can deface and damage property, resulting in costly maintenance and repairs. Removing bird droppings can be hazardous, and clean-up crews are frequently required to wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) usually mandated by state and federal guidelines. But that’s just the beginning of pest bird problems. Continue reading

  • How to Check for Bird Proof Problems

    pigeon controlChecking for bird proof problems should be routine with building maintenance crews.  It is not difficult to spot a bird proof problem.  Birds leave behind evidence of their crimes.  Businesses need to learn from other’s mistakes. Businesses spend millions of dollars annually on repairs and cleaning up after the birds.  Their droppings and nests are what cause the problems. Continue reading

  • Top Bird Control Solutions for Pest Control Companies

    top bird control solutions for pest controlPest control companies are constantly being asked by their clients to provide humane and effective bird control solutions for a variety of venues and bird problems.  Bird B Gone offers a full lineup of professional bird control products to augment the products and services offered by pest control companies. Here are some of the most popular: Continue reading

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