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  • Bird Spikes for the Gas & Oil Industry

    bird spikes for oil and gasPest birds have long presented serious and costly problems for the oil & gas industry. The open structures, beams, pipes, catwalks and towers found in and around typical oil and gas plants give birds a virtually unlimited supply of perching, roosting and nesting areas.

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  • Easy to Use Bird Deterrents for Gardens

    bird deterrents for gardensBackyard birds turn into pest bird status quickly.  Pest birds damage structures including roofs, wood, paint, canvas and the backyard garden.  Bird droppings permanently stain the paint, roofs and wood.  They corrode almost everything they land on.  Bird droppings are not just unpleasant, but caustic and hazardous to one’s health.  There are over 60 known that can be transmitted to humans by way of the bird’s droppings.  Continue reading

  • Choices in Bird Control Methods for Gardens

    bird control methodsThose who have gardens usually have a love for gardening.  It is hobby that can soothe the soul after a long day at work.  It is a welcomed chore on the weekends and people love to be out in the midst of their gardens.  Watering, pruning, pulling weeds, fertilizing is what needs to be done to have flourishing plants.  When planning and enjoying your garden do not miss the need for Bird Control Methods for gardens.  There are various different types of bird deterrents that can be included in the garden plans. Continue reading

  • Electronic Bird Deterrents Scare Pest Birds Away

    pigeon controlBird deterrent technology has come a long way.  There are better ways to get rid of birds than firing BB guns into the air or banging pots and pans together to make loud noises to scare them away.   There are a few very effective electronic bird deterrent devices that will rid the property of birds, and a device that will get rid of other pests as well. Continue reading

  • Bird Deterrents for Garden – Red Tailed Hawk Decoy

    keep birds away from gardensOne of summer’s greatest pleasures is growing berries in the backyard.  Berries are not the only pleasure, tomatoes, zucchini and peppers are also delicious produce found in the garden.   To keep the garden flourishing it needs fertilizing, watering, pruning and fussing over constantly.  A form of bird control is also needed. This will keep plants from being devoured and ruined by pest birds. Continue reading

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