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  • 3 Methods to Keep Pest Swallows off your Building

    pest swallow nests

    Whether it’s mud, cliff or barn swallows, these seasonal birds can quickly become pests to commercial buildings and structures. The gourd- or cup-shaped mud nests they build can deface and degrade many surfaces. Female swallows can lay as many as six eggs at a time, beginning as early as March. The eggs normally hatch in 12 to 17 days. Before long, colonies of several hundred nests will appear under eaves, awnings, patio covers and similar semi-outdoor areas. Continue reading

  • Swallows Invading your Home? How to Keep them Away.

    swallow mud nests

    Every spring the swallows arrive in North America, whether they are welcomed or not. This means mud nests on your home and garage and more swallows being born to return next year. Swallows are known to return to the same locations year after year. This happens only if there are no bird deterrents in place. What also happens is if the swallows have nested on your property, but they have left, another pest bird will often squat in the ready-made nests. A very popular area where swallows like to build their mud nests is under the eaves of the home. This area provides protection to the swallow from their predators and offers them a nice hidden area to hunker down. This is true for other pest birds as well and why nests need to be removed. Continue reading

  • Why Swallows are a Pest Bird

    pest swallows

    Mud, cliff or barn swallows flock to homes, buildings and structures, building their gourd- or cup-shaped mud nests with a mix of sand, grasses, hair and feathers. The little nests can be very prolific, with colonies of several hundred nests lined up vertically. Female swallows can lay as many as six eggs at a time, beginning as early as March. The eggs will hatch in 12 to 17 days. Here’s how swallows have become such a pest bird. Continue reading

  • When Migratory Birds Become Pest Birds

    Canada Goose with Goosling

    Many migratory birds are beautiful and contribute to our natural ecology. But some like Canada Geese, Woodpeckers and Swallows can quickly become pests if they are not properly controlled. If you’ve had a problem with any of these birds (or expect to), it’s best to act now before these birds arrive. Continue reading

  • 3 Migratory Birds that can be Pests on Your Property

    canada goose migration

    Property owners are often in conflict with the migratory pest birds. What is a migratory pest bird? Canada Geese, swallows and woodpeckers, oh my! These three species can be the culprits wreaking havoc on your property. It is best if you know the laws pertaining to these species. What makes these three migratory birds? Why can’t they just be eliminated with poison or other lethal methods? Continue reading

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