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  • Infographic: Solar Panels and birds

    Solar Panels and Birds

    Solar Panels are Vulnerable to Birds/Critters

    Residential solar panels offer pest birds protection from overhead flying predators, rain, snow and extreme rooftop temperatures.

    Even a small array of 20 to 30 solar panels can offer nesting sites for a dozen pairs of pigeons, which can then double or triple annually.

    Rooftop solar panels are highly vulnerable to damage by birds and critters, causing damage to both panels and wiring. Continue reading

  • How to Keep Pest Pigeons away from Your Solar Panels

    Solar-Panel-Degterrent-Residential-560x300The feral pigeon that is rattling around on your roof is often the pest bird that needs determent. There are many diseases associated with the pest pigeon including bird flu and other transmittable diseases. The major concern is the damage the pigeon creates on the rooftops, especially when there are solar panels involved. In urban and city areas, the supply of food all year long for these pest birds is why they are going to settle on your home and other structures on your property. Add new solar panels are going up at many homes and it is a comfortable habitat for their nesting, breeding and other natural habits. Pigeons lay eggs up to six times per year. This means the pigeons are capable of multiplying rather quickly if left to do so. The area under the solar panels can be a protected area for the pest birds. There should be bird control implemented at the time of the solar panel’s installation. Continue reading

  • Bird Control for Electrical Towers

    Bird Spikes. Electrical Towers.Birds have their own rhythms that govern everything from how they navigate to where they prefer to roost. Often, these avian rhythms come into conflict with modern electrical towers operated by power and communications providers. Birds can cause problems for both the electrical equipment and the human workers on it. Effective and humane bird control solutions can solve these bird problems. Through the use of plastic bird spikes companies and workers, as well as birds, can live a little easier.

    Plastic bird spikes may sound rather harsh, but they are actually a very safe and humane way to prevent birds from, landing, perching, and nesting in areas where they aren’t wanted. Not only will bird spikes not harm birds, the devices have been approved by organizations such as the US Humane Society and the Pigeon Control Advisory Service protecting animals, humans, and property in a way that is not harmful to any of them. Continue reading

  • How to Install Solar Panel Bird Deterrents

    Lindstrom_revRooftop solar panels attract birds and other critters that seek lofty shelter and subsequently damage the panels. Bird B Gone’s Solar Panel Bird Deterrent solves the bird/critter problem with specially designed mesh and clips that block out birds and critters. Installing this deterrent is simple, straightforward and will not damage solar panels.

    Clean Out Debris

    Before you begin, it’s important to clean and disinfect the site under and around the solar panels. Birds and critters are often attracted to the scent of their nesting materials and droppings. Continue reading

  • New Installation Video; How to Install the Solar Panel Deterrent

    Solar Panel Bird Deterrent Installation VideoRooftop solar panels are saving property owners considerable money in energy costs. The panels convert sunlight directly into electricity. And they are becoming increasingly efficient over the years. One threat to this efficiency is pest birds and rooftop critters that are attracted to the lofty shelter these panels provide. Continue reading

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