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Bird B Gone Blog

  • Garden Bird Control

    garden bird controlSpring is here and it is a perfect time to plan the garden, which should include bird control. There is nothing more frustrating, time consuming and costly than to plant fruits and vegetables, and have the pest birds come and destroy all your efforts.

    It will seem like overnight, the resident birds come out of their roosting spots and there are birds everywhere. It is one of the wonderful signs of spring. The twittering and bird sounds coming from the open windows. It is also a sign that bird control needs to be implemented immediately. Continue reading

  • Away with Geese – Goose Control Options for Golf Courses

    goose control golfcourseIt can be quite a job to keep geese off of a golf course, or out of the grassy areas near the water at a park. Golf course maintenance crews are kept busy with all they have to do to keep the course green and mowed, clean and free from geese and their nasty droppings. Geese are known to forage on the course’s opulent green vegetation. They will either make the course their pit stop or permanent home if there is no goose control products aimed to get rid of geese. Continue reading

  • Top 3 Most Destructive Birds to Your Property

    why bird controlAll property owners and managers have had their fair share of bird pests. Airports, commercial, retail, industrial, and municipal venues spend millions annually repairing and disinfecting buildings, structures, and properties. There are certain birds that cause the lion’s share of problems. Here are the top 3. Continue reading

  • The Destructive Relationship of Birds and Buildings

    bird controlThey may be beautiful, but birds cost property owners thousands of dollars in damage every year. Without effective bird control measures, building owners and managers are left literally at the mercy of the birds. Left unchallenged, birds will damage and deface many areas of a building. Here are the top 10 places where birds cause the most damage: Continue reading

  • Birds: A Warehouse’s Productivity Nightmare

    A Problem for Warehouses Everywhere

    bird control for warehousesWhen you think of disasters that can ruin your warehouse or derail your company's productivity, you probably imagine the most common and severe issues around. Fires, floods, natural disasters, and electrical problems are likely the first things that come to mind. While there is little doubt those issues can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage, there is another unseen problem that might be ruining your business or building at this very moment. Continue reading

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