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Bird B Gone Blog

  • Birds will Hear Sonic Deterrents and Fly Away

    birds hearingHave you ever wondered how birds hear?  Birds hear similarly to humans.  They have ears.  They do not have fleshy outer ears that catch sound waves or hang earrings on, however.  They have small openings on the sides of their head that are hidden by special feathers.  These special feathers do not hinder their hearing in any way.  Ostriches and Old World Vultures are two species that have exposed ear openings on the sides of their head. Continue reading

  • Sonic Deterrents Get rid of more than just Birds

    sonic shieldPest birds are often a problem in residential areas as well as commercial areas. But there are also other four legged unwanted pests such as deer, gophers, chipmunks, skunks, possums, raccoons, squirrels voles and moles.

    Pest birds will leave behind droppings that are destructive and hazardous. The other critters are destructive as well. Squirrels will eat through your garden hoses overnight. Raccoons will make a mess of your trash bins. Gardeners need a defense against foraging four legged critters. Deer, for example, are a huge problem in spring when they come out hungry after winter. They will look for anything tasty, green and young. Chipmunks will find your flower bulbs. Voles and moles will be looking for roots of succulent plants and flower bulbs. Continue reading

  • A Little Prevention Will Go a Long Way This Spring

    Spring Cleaning and Preparation

    bird netting for gardensSpring can be one of the best times of the year. With flowers blooming, temperatures rising, and the days getting longer, it's hard not be excited this time of year. While spring is a great time to get outdoors and enjoy everything Mother Nature has to offer, it's also the best time to prepare your business for the birds that return this time of year. If you are like most people, this spring you are going to need to devote time and energy to removing bird waste and debris along with the usual dirt and grime. While you are at it, you should also consider implementing a variety of preventative measures that will keep birds away from your business this year and for years to come. Continue reading

  • Sound Bird Deterrents – They Work!

    sound bird repellentMost birds have a beautiful sing song sound. There are recordings that play bird sounds that you can wake up to or listen to when you go to sleep. The feathered wild life makes many charming sounds including whistling, chirps but also sometimes screeches and croaks. The sounds of nature are quite fascinating. Some might not think all birds are fascinating, especially if they have pest birds interrupting their way of life. Birds that roost and nest on your property are considered pest birds, and they will leave behind droppings and nesting materials that can be hazardous to the well-being of those who come in contact with them. Continue reading

  • Birds and Buildings: A How-to-Guide for Bird Control

    Find Out where the Birds Are

    bird control devicesIn order to figure out how to get rid of birds that are living in or around your building, it’s important to determine where exactly they have taken up residence. Generally, you can expect birds to flock to areas that provide shelter from predators or a reliable source of food and water. Continue reading

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