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Bird B Gone Blog

  • Vineyard Netting Makes a Difference

    garden nettingBirds and the agricultural community do not always get along. There are solutions to pest bird problems for vineyards. Bird netting is often used and is effective in preventing bird access to the grapes. It is a very cost effective way to protect the crops. Continue reading

  • The Easy Way to Keep Geese out of Your Ponds and Fields

      Geese and Your Property

    Few sights are as majestic as a flock of geese flying overhead in a large V-shaped pattern. Geese are beautiful creatures to watch and can signal the changing of the seasons as they migrate. While they are beautiful to watch soaring overhead, dealing with them on your property is another matter entirely. Continue reading

  • Garden Bird Netting – A Good Solution

    gardening nettingSpring gardens - here they come. The months of winter are behind and new vegetation is beginning to grow. Spring officially begins with the vernal equinox. For those who garden and work with large crops this means growth and bounty and nature’s regeneration. It also means the birds are out in full force looking for food and places to nest and roost. Continue reading

  • Bird Netting as Bird Control

    bird netting for homeowners Bird netting under eave of home

    Have you gone out to your backyard patio and garden on a Saturday morning only to find the mess and destruction the pest birds have created in your yard during the week? If you have not relied upon a bird deterrent, your answer will probably be “yes.” A lot of birds can be very beneficial to nature and some even to your garden, but these are not the birds that create the awful clean up, and damage to your property. If you can easily see the damage to your fruit trees, and feces around your deck and outside furniture, then surely they are also trying to nest under the eaves of your home where it is not as visible. You will want to nip the bird’s behavior in the bud; ultimately, before they start to roost and nest anywhere near your home. Continue reading

  • Birds will Hear Sonic Deterrents and Fly Away

    birds hearingHave you ever wondered how birds hear?  Birds hear similarly to humans.  They have ears.  They do not have fleshy outer ears that catch sound waves or hang earrings on, however.  They have small openings on the sides of their head that are hidden by special feathers.  These special feathers do not hinder their hearing in any way.  Ostriches and Old World Vultures are two species that have exposed ear openings on the sides of their head. Continue reading

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