Jeff Watts Bird Control Expert

With over two decades of experience training pest management professionals, Jeff Watts stands as an authority in the bird control industry. His commitment to the highest standards of bird control practices is evident in every facet of his work.

Jeff's dedication involves consulting with our network of Bird B Gone Authorized Installers. He expertly trains new installers both in hands-on fieldwork and classroom settings. Concurrently, he manages our international accounts, building strong global client relationships.

His influence extends nationwide, educating pest management professionals on cutting-edge bird control techniques. Through Bird B Gone University courses, he certifies pest professionals in installation and best practices. Prominent construction projects often mandate Bird B Gone Authorized Installers for bird control implementations.

Certified by state authorities like California's Structural Pest Control Board (SPCB), Jeff trains and certifies installers, offering Continuing Education Units (CEUs). He collaborates with architects, engineers, and contractors, providing insights for large-scale construction projects.

Reflecting on his career, Jeff shares, "I've been fortunate to traverse the globe, connecting with people and aiding them in expanding their businesses. Witnessing our friends achieve their first successful project or reach their hundredth is truly rewarding." Jeff’s multifaceted contributions mark him as a trusted resource and advocate for ethical and effective bird control solutions.