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Garden Bird Netting is light-weight UV stabilized plastic mesh net. Protect your fruit trees, blueberry bushes, gardens, vineyards, eaves and other areas from pest birds. Please note that this bird netting is black and can often appear dark green.

  • 3/4" garden mesh for All Birds (Most Popular)
  • 1/2" garden mesh 
  • 1/4" garden mesh for cicadas and insects 
  • Strong, lightweight and easy to handle
  • Additional netting lengths are available.
  • Contact our office at 800-392-6915 for assistance

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Bird Species
All birds
Where to Use
Gardens, vineyards, fruit trees, bushes, eaves, orchards, etc.
Bird Pressure
Light to Medium
UV protected polypropylene

Bird B Gone Garden Netting is a lightweight plastic mesh that handles easily and is specifically designed for temporary use. The netting comes in handy 14 x 100-foot and 14 x 200-foot bulk rolls, which you can cut and trim with ordinary scissors to the exact size and shape needed. Garden Netting is also available in three different mesh sizes to deter various bird species. 1/4" garden mesh is recommended for tiny birds; 1/2" mesh for average sized birds; 3/4" mesh for larger birds. Once you’ve selected the netting, the mesh size, and the right cut and shape, installing netting is easy.

Bird B Gone Garden Netting Features and Benefits

  • Protects plants and crops from pest birds
  • One season netting; UV stabilized to endure months of sun and rain
  • Ideal for vines, bushes, plants, orchards, and small trees
  • Available in ¾”, ½”, and ¼” mesh; variety of sizes to match the area being treated
  • Creates a protective micro-climate for plants in hot or cold areas
  • Fabricated of durable, long lasting UV-protected polypropylene
  • Virtually invisible
  • Can temporarily be used to deter pest birds from other property areas 
  • Strong/lightweight and easy to handle
  • Available in bulk rolls or piece sizes; cuts easily to size
  • To protect your branches, trees, plants, and bushes from Cicada, select 1/4" mesh

Using Bird Netting for Gardens on Plants, Vines and Trees

There are many ways to effectively use bird netting for gardens. To protect small bushes, vines and other vegetables, wrap the blueberry netting around each plant. For groups of bushes or vines, suspend the plant netting over entire areas of plants. The mesh can be suspended from a series of poles placed around the perimeter of a garden or crop. To keep pest birds out of young fruit trees, drape the fruit tree netting over each tree with the help of a friend or assistant. Bird B Gone recommends that you allow at least a four-inch space between the netting and the bush, vine, plant or tree. This will prevent pest birds from sitting on the netting and eating the fruit or vegetable through the mesh using their beaks.

Using and Re-Using Garden Mesh Netting

Fabricated from a durable, UV-protected polypropylene material, Bird B Gone Garden Netting is specially designed to endure hot sun and winter’s rain. It’s also environmentally friendly and made from FDA sanctioned resin. Once installed, it’s almost invisible, blending in with your bushes, vines, plants and small trees. 

Using Garden Netting with Poly-Clips

Regardless of how and where you use it, Garden Netting should be tightly secured to ensure it stays taut. Bird B Gone Garden Netting Poly-Clips are specifically designed to work with Garden Mesh and Plant Netting. Zip ties, twine or similar materials can also be used.

Garden Netting Installation

Installation of our netting for gardens will depend upon it's intended use. For fruit trees, vegetable gardens, blueberry bushes and grapevines it is recommended that the netting be suspended over the plants to ensure that birds cannot reach the fruit through the netting.

Fruit Trees

Measure the circumference of the tree and cut the net accordingly. Make sure you cut at least 1 foot extra. The netting can be secured with twine, zip ties, or hog rings.

Blueberry Bushes & Grape Vines

It is recommended that the netting be suspended over the bushes or vines, by at least 6 inches. This will prevent birds from sitting on the net and eating fruit beyond the mesh. Many people will suspend the netting from a series of poles placed around the perimeter.

Vegetable Gardens

Wrap individual plants or suspend netting around the entire garden area for protection.

Eaves/Open Spaces

Garden net is a lightweight plastic mesh that is meant for temporary use. To install netting to keep birds out of eaves or open spaces, many people will use the ultra net clips. Others will use a staple gun to secure the netting around the perimeter.

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