Scare Bird Garden Stakes (6pk)


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Now: $11.99

Protect your garden from pest birds with Bird B Gone Scare Bird Garden Stakes.  Shaped like delightful sunflowers, these unique garden stakes are an effective visual bird deterrent.  When birds see the reflective scare eye they will become frightened and flee the area.  Scare Bird Garden Stakes are easy to install, made from durable plastic and are designed for outdoor use.  We suggest placing the Scare Bird Garden Stakes 1 to 2 feet apart at alternate heights.  Each stake measures 2.75” W x 10.75” H.  Sold 6 per pack.

Features and Benefits

  • Low cost method to protect your garden from pest birds
  • Unique garden décor with iridescent foil predator eye scares birds away
  • Easy to install and effective
  • Made of durable plastic for outdoor use
  • Ideal for use in gardens
  • Each pack contains 6 reflective scare bird garden stakes

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