Defender Dryer Vent Guards


The Defender dryer vent guard deters birds and small animals from entering the dryer exhaust system. Zinc coated steel that is also powder coated delivers lasting protection for existing terminations. Patented vertical bars keep creatures out while minimizing lint buildup and making it easy to clean. The drop-notch front gate makes accessing vents quick and easy.

  • Zinc coated steel 
  • Stop birds from nesting in vents
  • Easy opening drop-notch front gate
  • Inner dimensions of 6.5” or 8”
  • Screws are NOT included

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Was: $41.35
Now: $40.08

The patented design with vertical bars keeps air flowing and lint passing through, minimizing blockages. The Defender is simple to install and is easily removed and replaced for vent cleaning and maintenance.

Easy Opening Front

The drop-notch front gate (patent pending) makes access for brushes and duct cleaning equipment a breeze. With the easy opening vertical bar gate, there’s no need to remove fasteners from the wall for cleaning.

Available Sizes

Available in two sizes with inner dimensions of 6.5” or 8”, offering an exact fit and universal application. Made in the USA from heavy gauge zinc and powder coated steel, the Defender is built to last.

Features & Benefits

  • Zinc coated steel delivers lasting protection
  • Vertical bars keep creatures out while minimizing lint buildup 
  • Makes vent cleaning and maintenance easy
  • Helps hide unsightly vents
  • Works on all siding types

Defender Vent Guard Design Advantages
Download Defender Vent Guard Design Advantages (PDF)

Defender Vent Guard Technical Specifications
Download Defender Vent Guard Technical Specifications (PDF)

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