Copper Mesh


Copper Mesh is used as a physical barrier to block birds from entering openings and tight spaces too small for regular netting or other products.

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Rolls of Copper Mesh are designed to be soft to the touch and extremely malleable, making it perfect for stuffing small cracks, crevices, and gaps. Copper Mesh can be cut easily with scissors and shaped for difficult areas to exclude birds and rodent activity. This effectively prevents birds and rodents from chewing through, stopping birds from nesting and rodents from entering. This lightweight copper mesh can also be used to gently cover areas where netting is not an option. 

Key Features and Benefits 

  • Stuff cracks, holes, and crevices where birds are nesting
  • Lightly cover openings to prevent bird activity
  • Extremely malleable and light to the touch
  • Easily cut with scissors
  • Available in rolls of 20-feet or 100-feet

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