signsHow Birds Affect the Industry

Signs are used to draw attention to a businesses or organization, but what message are you sending when your sign is covered in bird droppings? Birds choose to roost or nest on exterior signs, billboards, and channel letters. These high perches offer a good vantage point for predators and food sources.

Birds will also choose to nest between billboards and inside of channel letters. It is best to deter birds as soon as they are noticed, the longer they are allowed to inhabit an area, the more difficult it will be to remove them.


signsCommon areas birds pose a problem:

Exterior Signs
Channel Letters








Suggested Products

  • Electric Track Bird AbatementBird Jolt Flat Track and Shock Track
    • Low profile electric bird deterrent gives slight shock as birds land on its surface

  • Bird Netting
    • Used to keep birds out of enclosed or semi enclosed areas, ideal for recessed areas

  • Bird Spikes
    • Physical bird deterrent used to humanely prevent birds from landing

  • Bird Spiders
    • Physical bird deterrent used to prevent large birds from landing in concentrated areas

  • Repeller 360°
    • Spinning bird deterrent used to prevent large birds from landing

  • Bird Chase Super Sonic
    • Bird Sound Deterrent Ideal for outdoor spaces


Every bird problem is different; the appropriate bird deterrents are chosen based on the bird species, area where they are posing a problem and whether or not the birds are nesting. If you are unsure about which product would work best for your specific situation, please call our bird control engineers at 1-800-392-6915 or email We also work with a network of authorized installers, call today for a trained bird control professional in your area. 

Our team has over 80 years of combined experience in the field of bird control and can help with choosing the correct product to proper installation and cleanup.