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Agrilaser® Handheld Laser Bird Deterrent


THIS PRODUCT IS CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK The Agrilaser® Handheld is a silent portable device used to repel birds. Due to advanced patented optical technology a laser beam is emitted which is optimized for bird repelling over a long distance. Birds perceive the green laser beam as a physical danger which is coming towards them. The only alternative to avoid being hit is to fly away. This is the same reflex that causes birds to fly away when car approaches. The Agrilaser® Handheld appeals to the survival instinct of the bird. Unlike conventional methods of deterrence birds will not get used to the laser beam.


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Birds perceive the Agrilaser® Handheld’s laser spot as an approaching physical danger. Once they perceive the laser spot, they fly away in search of safer ground. After consistent use of the Agrilaser® Handheld, birds will perceive the controlled area as unsafe and will not return. 

Handheld Features and Benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Range up to 2500 meters
  • Immediate and long-lasting results
  • Animal and environmentally friendly
  • Red dot sight
    • To make operation over long distances more accurate and safe, the Agrilaser® Handheld is equipped with a red dot sight. The sight makes it possible to accurately aim the Handheld at a desired target before activating the laser.
  • Key lock system
    • To prevent unauthorized use of the equipment, the Agrilaser® Handheld is equipped with a key lock system.
  • Rugged design
    • The Agrilaser® Handheld has a robust design to ensure defectiveness in demanding situations. The shockproof cover protects the laser from damage from falls and dust exposure. Therefore, the laser can be used in a wide variety of environments.

Choosing the right Agrilaser® Handheld Model for your situation

Agrilaser Handheld offers 3 models with a different laser output power. Choosing the appropriate model is essential in order to generate a laser projection with sufficient contrast for effective bird dispersal.
The range of effective bird dispersal depends on multiple local factors.

  • Light conditions
    • A higher laser output power is recommended for use during bright light conditions.
  • Distance and beam angle
    • A higher laser output power balances out the loss of contrast due to spreading of the laser beam over a larger surface area.
  • Local environmental conditions
    • A higher laser output power is recommended for use in an environment with light absorbing surfaces.


Agrilaser® products come with extensive information and instructions about using the product to its best effect without having any risks. Additional training is offered for operations that require personnel to use the products in safety-critical situations.

Free training is offered with the purchase of your Agrilaser® products. The training is to give more insight in the properties of your product. It explains each of the technical specifications of the product, as found in the user manual, with respect to safety. We recommend to always read the User Manual before using Agrilaser products. When in doubt about local safety you are welcome to contact the product manufacturer or consult a local Laser Safety Officer to assess your specific situation.

Commercial Pricing Available: 800-392-6915

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