Bird Wire 3-Post Ridge Bracket


The 3-Post Ridge Bracket is a designed for installing Bird Wire on roof lines and ridges. Sold Individually



The 3-Post Ridge Bracket is designed to install Bird Wire on roof lines and ridges. Ridge lines are ideal perching locations for pest birds, attracting large flocks of unwanted pigeons and seagulls. The triangular 3-post design of the ridge bracket is ideal for deterring birds from these locations. Each 3.5” stainless steel post is welded in place at specific angles to prevent birds from perching or loafing on rooflines. The predrilled holes allow the bracket to be anchored properly in place. These brackets are sold individually and should be spaced no more than 5 ft. apart. 

  • Ideal for installing Bird Wire on Rooflines and Ridges
  • 3-Post Ridge Brackets are made with durable stainless steel material 
  • Three 3.5” posts are welded in place to deter pigeons and seagulls from perching or loafing 
  • Should be spaced no more than 5 ft. apart during installation process
  • Sold Individually and designed for all weather conditions

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