10 Questions For Your Solar Panel Bird Deterrent Installer

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10 Questions For Your Solar Panel Bird Deterrent Installer

Posted on June 10, 2022 by Bird B Gone in solar panels

10 Questions to Ask Your Solar Panel Bird Deterrent Mesh Installer, infographic

10 Questions to Ask Your Solar Panel Bird Deterrent Mesh Installer

Before you hire an installer for your solar panel bird deterrent mesh, make sure to ask them these 10 questions. 

1. Do they have experience installing solar mesh?

  • Search out individuals that have extensive experience working in solar panel exclusion. Qualified installers know how to install the product to achieve maximum protection.

2. Is cleanup part of the deal?

  • Birds and other critters are attracted to their nests and droppings. Thorough cleanup must be part of the process; without it, you take the risk of attracting birds back to the area.

3. What products do they use?

  • Using high-quality materials will ensure the installation lasts for years. Chicken wire will quickly rust, damaging solar panels and plastic clips will breakdown in the sun overtime. Confirm if the installer is using Bird B Gone materials for the installation.

4. Are they licensed and insured for this type of work?

  • Working on roofs, under solar panels, and with bird droppings poses a variety of risks to the installer and the solar equipment. Ask specifically about insurance to make sure all parties are protected when working on your property.

5. What steps do they take to protect solar panels during cleanup and installation of solar mesh?

  • Solar panels are not cheap to repair or replace. Talk to the installer about their process for protecting your solar panels and electrical work during clean up and installation. Ask about the remedies they provide in the event that damage occurs.

6. Can they provide references or show a portfolio of past project installations?

  • Speaking to references showcases the installer’s transparency. Are they trustworthy, reliable, and easy to work with? A portfolio is a great way to see the quality of the installer’s work.

7. Will they do the job themselves or hire a subcontractor?

  • It’s important to have a clear understanding of who is completing the work, who to contact if there are any issues, and ultimately who is accountable for the project as a whole.

8. Does your project present any unique challenges?

  • Professional installers will complete a site evaluation to identify unique challenges that may arise during the installation. Ask to be part of this inspection or to review the evaluation afterwards. This will prevent unforeseen complications.

9. How long do they expect the job to take?

  • The time needed to complete the cleanup, sanitation, and installation will vary from home to home. A small solar array may only take a few hours to install, while a large array with a heavy infestation may take a full day or longer to complete.

10. Do they offer warranties for their work?

  • Talk to the installer about any warranties they offer on installation services. Including a maintenance program will increase the longevity of your investment and prevent birds from returning.