2 Cost Effective Bird Deterrent Devices

2 Cost Effective Bird Deterrent Devices

Posted on July 6, 2014 by Kathy Fritsch in Bird Deterrents

A bird deterrent device is a term used to describe a variety of ways to deter or get rid of birds by stopping them from landing, roosting and nesting. It is important to use professional bird deterrent devices that are proven to be effective and will not harm any birds, domestic animals or humans.

When there is an over saturation of pest birds in the area, bird deterrent devices are needed to keep birds away. Health related issues are a concern where there is an abundance of bird droppings. Some of the health issues include histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis and psittacosis. Some of these diseases can bring about very serious upper respiratory problems. Another major concern caused by the birds droppings is the damage they can do to the property, rooftops, equipment, and any surface the droppings are allowed to accumulate on the surfaces. Pest birds can also ruin large commercial crops as well as backyard gardens.

Bird Netting and Sound Bird Deterrent Device Options

Both forms of bird deterrent devices, bird netting and sound bird deterrents have been proven to be very effective. Both forms of bird control mentioned are very cost effective as well. Not only are they inexpensive to purchase, but will save a lot of money in return by not having to replace or repair property or machinery or rooftops that have been destroyed by the birds feces. There will not be any medical expenses incurred due to the diseases that can be obtained through the birds droppings.

Bird netting is one way to eliminate the birds from an area. Bird netting is one of the most versatile and effective ways to keep birds away from your property. It is the most effective way to keep pest birds from landing, roosting and nesting. Birds are very territorial, and they will come back year after year to the same location. Bird netting simply eliminates their access to an area. Bird netting will keep the birds from the eaves of the building which is a notorious area for them to gravitate towards as it is hidden away. If there are openings into attics, garages,sheds or warehouses, bird netting can be used to block their access. Whole crops and gardens can be protected using the netting. Netting is often suspended over the entire area with the netting attached to poles around the perimeter of the area. Fruit trees can be protected with netting as well and can be wrapped individually.

Sound bird deterrent devices are great when a large open space needs protection. A huge backyard or a golf course, park or commercial crop could be protected if a sound bird control product is used. Sound devices can be programmed to play over 22 different types of bird distress and predator calls. When the pest birds hear the warning calls, their natural instinct to flee makes them fly away in fear.

Sound bird deterrent devices work well in tandem with other visual scare tactics such as diverters and scare balloons or scare tape. Bird control products used in tandem is suggested so that the birds do not get use to one particular type of bird control method.