A Strong Bird Control Product  Bird Net

A Strong Bird Control Product Bird Net

Posted on June 12, 2014 by Kathy Fritsch in Bird Netting

The use of a bird net is one of the most, if not the most, strongest bird exclusion method of all. The use of a bird net is also very versatile. Bird net will deny access to the pest bird from just about any architectural formation including overhangs, courtyards, parking garages, loading docks and many more areas around your place of business.

The versatility of the bird net helps exclude just about every bird. The netting comes in different mesh sizes that keep all different bird species out of an area. The smaller the mesh size, of course, the smaller the bird. When installed correctly, the bird net is nearly invisible from the ground. You do not have to worry that your place of business, or even your home, is wrapped up like a spider web.

The bird net is also very strong. It is made of treated polypropylene and is highly resistant to U.V. rays. Bird Net 2000 from Bird B Gone is a heavy duty bird net and is also rot-proof and non-conductive and flame resistant. There is also versatility to the way that the bird net is mounted. There are various ways to attach the netting to the structures. For instance, if the netting is being attached to brick, concrete or stone there are anchor rivets or multipurpose cable brackets. If being secure to I-beams, there are Bird B Gone girder clips. Bird B Gone eye bolts with lock nuts can be used on solid steel.

Another versatility factor for bird net is that it is available in 3 colors to blend in with the area of installation. There is black netting, stone and white netting. If you use the bird net in the size of it will be effective for all birds. It can be ordered in stock sizes and also can be custom cut.

Installation is the key to the effectiveness and invisibility. You do not want to install the netting improperly which can lead to sagging and dropping of the net, which produces gaps that the birds can get in through. If there is a large area that needs to be netted off, it is recommended that a cable be set up around the perimeter of the area and that the bird net is attached to this cable. Special hardware is needed and offered to accommodate this type of installation. This cable support structure can then stretch the bird net tight leaving no gaps and making it a solid and impenetrable bird barrier which will humanely exclude the pest birds from the area.

Pigeons, crows, starlings, blackbirds, sparrows, swallows and many more species can be tricky little creatures. They want in! They are instinctively in search of a safe place to roost and nest, away from their predators eyes. Bird control products and systems are needed when the pest birds are present. It is always best to implement a bird control strategy before the birds become a problem.