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Best Bird Deterrent for Ponds: Heavy Duty Pond Netting

Bird Netting for Industrial Ponds

industrial pond bird nettingHeavy Duty Pond Netting is a humane bird deterrent solution that will solve the problem of pest birds entering ponds. Properly installed, pond netting creates a physical barrier that prevents migratory birds from landing in toxic tailing ponds or other water collection sites. The bird netting is stretched over these areas to prevent bird deaths.

Every year thousands of protected migratory birds die in tailings or retention ponds used for industrial waste or filtering. Tailings ponds may contain bitumen, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds, naphthenic acids, brine, heavy metals, and ammoniasubstances that are harmful, even fatal to birds.

Huge fines and even a facility shutdown are possible consequences of birds being injured or killed due to an encounter with materials in industrial ponds. Its imperative to protect birds from coming in contact with the materials held in and surrounding ponds as well as protecting the area from pest birds. Bird feces are acidic and can ruin certain materials resulting in hefty repair and restoration costs as well. If there are likely areas for nesting around the pond, you will want to ensure pest birds are not enticed to stay. Remove the source of water by netting off industrial ponds; avoid fines and unnecessary repairs.

Heavy Duty Industrial Pond Bird Netting is made from a durable, UV stabilized knotted mesh nylon and meant for prolonged use in harsh chemical environments. The bird netting comes in large stock sizes and custom cuts. Its available in several mesh sizes--from 3/4-inch to 4-inch--to exclude a variety of large and medium sized migrating birds.

To streamline the proper installation of pond bird netting, bird control experts recommend the use of perimeter cable and accompanying mounting hardware. Bird-B-Gone offers an extensive line of bird netting hardware, which includes turnbuckles, hog rings, accessories, tools, cable crimps and perimeter cable. For best bird deterrent results, the cable should be set up around the area to be netted off. This ensures that there are no gaps for birds to sneak through, and that the netting stays taut and does not slouch. Once installed, the netting is virtually invisible and maintenance free.

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