Bird B Gone Provides Ongoing Support for Children of the Nations

Bird B Gone Provides Ongoing Support for Children of the Nations

Posted on March 11, 2015 by Alex Kecskes in Press Releases

Irvine, CA March 12, 2015

Bird B Gone, the leader in bird control products for commercial, industrial and residential applications underscores its continued support of Children of the Nations International ( Partnering with nationals, COTNI provides holistic, Christ-centered care for orphaned and destitute children, enabling them to create positive and lasting change in their nations.

Gifts Prevent Ebola in Sierra Leone

While no cases of Ebola were evident in the villages served by COTNI, continued support has provided essential steps for the preparation, education and emergency relief of this outbreak. This includes full shipments of food and emergency supplies, which were distributed strategically to quarantined families in need. Trucks were also purchased for both general and emergency use. On-site staff have recently completed a second round of Ebola prevention training in the villages. In addition, every household with a child under COTNI care received a hand-washing station and training to prevent the spread of Ebola.

Working Toward Sustainability & Education in Malawi

In December, Malawi staff began digging its first fishpond, which will provide about half the current need for fish in COTNI’s feeding program. This marks a huge stride toward sustainably feeding more than 1,000 children who rely on COTNI for food. On another front, the tenth-grade class at COTNI’s secondary school recently took their national exams and achieved a 97.5% pass rate, outscoring other Malawi tenth graders who scored 73 percent.

Secondary School Begins in Uganda

The recently completed multipurpose hall at COTNI’s primary school was used for camp and graduation last winter. In February, it began housing the first secondary school class, serving as a temporary venue for classes until an official secondary school building can be completed.

Mosquito Nets Protect Children from Chikungunya in Haiti

Earlier this year, a disease called chikungunya began rapidly spreading in Haiti. Carried by mosquitoes, the virus affected many children and families, causing them to miss weeks and even months of school. Thanks to COTNI supporters, every child under COTNI care now has a mosquito net to protect them from chikungunya.

New Roofs Bless Families in the Dominican Republic

Families in the Dominican communities served by COTNI are in constant need of sturdy roofs. Many homes have flimsy roofs, which are easily destroyed in storms or during the rainy season. COTNI’s in-country staff works hard to identify families with the greatest need for roofs. Thanks to COTNI supporters, visiting Venture Teams and local contractors, many of these families now have new, sturdy roofs.

Bird B Gone is the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of bird control products, providing effective and humane solutions to a bird-free environment. The company provides advice, training and installation services for those who need help with these and other bird control measures. For more information about COTNI, visit