Bird Netting For Garden Berry Plants

Bird Netting For Garden Berry Plants

Posted on May 14, 2014 by Kathy Fritsch in Garden Bird Netting

With the correct culture, berries will reward you generously. Compared to the fruit trees such as peach or apple, bush and bramble fruits are easy to grow. They are easier to grow organically as well, rarely requiring spraying for pests. But there are pests that you can deter, that will not interrupt the organic growing of your berries. Pest birds can be a detriment to the production of your berries. Protecting them in an organic way could include bird netting for gardens.

About Bird Netting for Gardens

Bird netting for gardens is recommended by bird deterrent experts and is widely used by commercial growers and well as backyard gardeners. The netting protects the trees and plants and prevents the pest birds from pecking at fruit that is hanging from the branches. Birds during spring that are breeding and nesting can be very territorial. If there were issues last year, nip it in the bud this year before there are any problems. If they were around last year, they are sure to come back each year if there is no garden netting mesh between the birds and the plants.

Bird netting for gardens is rugged and versatile. High quality netting includes netting that is made of U.V. protected polypropylene. This type of netting is very strong, but it is still lightweight and virtually invisible when installed correctly. It is versatile as it can protect the berry plants as well as full-grown fruit trees and entire garden plots.

Because the bird netting for garden berry plants is so lightweight it makes for easy handling. The plastic netting comes in rolls of 14 x 100 foot and 14 x 200 foot. The netting can be easily cut down to whatever size is needed for the specific berry bush. As well, the netting can be attached to make larger pieces. There are different sizes to the mesh including , and ; the smaller the mesh the smaller the bird and vice versa. The netting is easy to drape over any bush. It is also recommended to use the handy bird netting clips that will help keep the netting taut and in place over each plant.

Products that offer total exclusion of the pest birds, such as garden bird netting is always best. There are other bird deterrent products that are a huge help in getting rid of birds. There are scare tactics that can be used along side the netting. Visual bird control options include scare balloons, flash tape and other diverters that can be placed strategically around the yard that will scare birds away when they come across them. Birds do not like shiny, and the visual scare bird control products have shiny and reflective surfaces. Some of them also have predator markings on the sides for that extra element of fear.

Bird netting for blueberries and other types of berries does not need to be difficult. It simply takes a little planning and preparation. This step is just one additional gardening tool that is used to protect the delicious outcome from the garden.