Bird Proof Your Home with Bird Netting

Bird Proof Your Home with Bird Netting

Posted on June 15, 2014 by Kathy Fritsch in Bird Netting

Everyone is familiar with the term baby proofing. But not everyone knows that you can bird proof your home as well. This is not an inside job, however, like baby proofing. Bird proofing the home means making sure that your home stays a bird free zone around your entire property. Pest birds can be destructive and dangerous to have in your yard. The spring and summer months are the ideal time to take action against the pest bird by installing bird netting and other bird control devices that will keep birds away. This is the time of year when birds are in search of their roosting and nesting sites. They are looking for comfortable locations. There are very effective bird barriers such as bird netting and other bird deterrent products that will bird proof the home so that they will not find a comfortable spot on your property.

The most important reason to install bird netting and other bird deterrents is to keep the family healthy. Nesting birds accrue a build-up of viruses, bacteria and fungal matter from the birds droppings. The best way to eradicate this problem is to stop the nesting before it begins. Inspect your home carefully. Determine areas that may be susceptible to nesting that are close to where your family assembles. One area that is sure to get summertime and often year round usage is your patio. The patio cover is a great place to mount a solar bird repeller. The repeller can be mounted on either flat or angled surfaces very quickly. It scares the pest birds away from the area by the constant movement of the 2.5 telescoping rods which have iridescent red foil flash tape at the ends of the rods. The constant sweeping movement does not harm the birds in anyway, but distracts them from making your patio their summer home. The red foil flash tape also scares birds away from the area when it is simply tied to the patio, or a nearby tree, creating the perfect optical distraction zone.

Another common area for birds to nest around your home is under the eaves, near your front entry way or in your rain gutters. You want to avoid carrying any droppings from your shoes into your home, or breathing in the fungal spores that can be released from the nest. A very simple and economical way to keep the eaves free of birds is the use of either bird netting or bird spikes. Bird netting blocks the bird entirely from the area and bird spikes make an extremely uncomfortable landing spot for the bird.

Bird netting is very versatile and is used in the garden as well as any fruit trees. The garden netting is practically invisible when installed correctly. The netting can be suspended over the entire garden area, and the trees can be individually wrapped with the netting. The main thing to watch out for when wrapping individual trees is for any gaps where the birds could get in under the netting. They will not be able to get out. Suspension of the bird netting works well for the entire garden plot. The thing to remember is to suspend the netting about 4 to 6 inches above the plants so that the birds do not sit on the netting and peck at the ripening fruit and vegetables through the mesh.