Bird Spikes for the Gas & Oil Industry

Bird Spikes for the Gas & Oil Industry

Posted on September 27, 2015 by Alex Kecskes in Bird Spikes

Pest birds have long presented serious and costly problems for the oil & gas industry. The open structures, beams, pipes, catwalks and towers found in and around typical oil and gas plants give birds a virtually unlimited supply of perching, roosting and nesting areas.

Damage to Valves, Switches & Gauges

Over time, bird nests, droppings and debris can jam up valves, corrode switches and damage gauges. Bird droppings can also create dangerous slip-and-fall hazards for workers on catwalks, steps and ladders. Finally, bird droppings carry any of 60 diseases—like encephalitis, salmonella, meningitis, even the West Nile virus—which can infect workers and result in slipped schedules due to sick leave.  Here’s what the bird control experts at Bird B Gone recommend:

Stainless Steel Bird Spikes

Available in two-foot sections, with up to 40 spikes per foot, Stainless Steel Bird Spikes come in 1-, 3-, 5- and 8-inch splay widths to provide increasingly wider areas of protection—up to 10 inches wide. They feature a patented “bend-and-crush” design so the spikes remain firmly embedded in an unbreakable UV-protected polycarbonate base. This flexible base bends a full 360 degrees, so it can easily “follow” a variety of curved mounting surfaces. Made in the USA, Stainless Steel Bird Spikes come with a 10-year guarantee.

Plastic Bird Spikes

Economical and tough, Plastic Bird Spikes come in three splay widths—3”, 5” and 7”—to protect surfaces up to 9 inches wide. Fabricated of high-strength, unbreakable UV-protected polycarbonate plastic, the spikes can endure extreme temperatures—from -200° F to +310° F
(-128° C to +154° C). Made in the USA, Plastic Bird Spikes come with a 5-year guarantee (the longest in the industry for plastic spikes).

Mega Bird Spikes

 Created specifically for deterring large pest birds like raptors, turkey vultures, seagulls and cormorants, Mega Bird Spikes feature longer stainless steel spikes firmly embedded in an unbreakable UV-protected polycarbonate base. Made in the USA, Mega Bird Spikes come with a 10-year guarantee.

Which Bird Spike is Right for Your Facility?

Stainless Steel Bird Spikes last the longest and are ideal for marine and industrial applications. Plastic Bird Spikes cost a bit less and they won’t interfere with RF transmissions/receptions. Once the right type of spike has been selected, it’s important to choose the right size. Simply measure the linear footage and width of the area to be covered, then using the chart below, choose the right spike for your facility’s needs.

Ledge Size Suggested Spike Width
2" - 4" width 3" width
5" - 7" width 5" width
8" - 10" width 8" width

Easy to Install

Bird B Gone Stainless Steel Bird Spikes come with pre-drilled holes for screw-in attachment. Plastic spikes add a built-in glue trough to speed glue-in installations. For really wide surfaces, more than one row of spikes may be needed to ensure proper bird deterrence.

Backed by Expert Assistance

If you’re unsure about which product would work best for your facility, Bird B Gone has over 80 years of combined experience in the field of bird control. We can help you with product selection, installation and cleanup. Just call us at (888) 570-0360 for a catalog, pricing, or product samples or email us at