Birds will Hear Sonic Deterrents and Fly Away

Birds will Hear Sonic Deterrents and Fly Away

Posted on April 19, 2015 by Terri Anne Meyer in Sound Bird Deterrents

Have you ever wondered how birds hear? Birds hear similarly to humans. They have ears. They do not have fleshy outer ears that catch sound waves or hang earrings on, however. They have small openings on the sides of their head that are hidden by special feathers. These special feathers do not hinder their hearing in any way. Ostriches and Old World Vultures are two species that have exposed ear openings on the sides of their head.

Unlike humans who hear sounds via relative pitch, birds hear absolute pitch. They use sound as part of their courtship and as a means of staying in touch with their flock. The young will recognize the sound of their parent. They also will send out quick warning sounds of impending danger. Their range of hearing can be compared to humans. The bird song is very useful in bird identification. It is very easy for humans to hear them. This is also why the bird song is such a pleasant sound.

Birds start using their calls very early in life. Sound is often times more important than sight when it comes to the parent-offspring recognition. It is only natural to create bird deterrents using their own sounds to frighten them away.

The Bird Chase Super Sonic and the solar version as well, are both bird sound deterrents. The unique design of the deterrent exploit’s the bird’s natural sensitive hearing. Both devices emit distress and predator calls of actual birds. There are over 24 types of bird sounds programmed into the device. The distress calls are played for two minutes every ten minutes. There is a day and night mode activated with light sensors. It is very easily programmed. The unit is made for outdoor use and is water resistant. It is a perfect sound bird deterrent for large open areas such as sports fields, parks, loading docks, storage facilities, golf course, backyards, courtyards and many other areas.

The Bird Chase Super Sonic is most effective between 65-111 decibels. The unit comes with one internal speaker that covers up to an acre. Additional speakers can be purchased to cover more acreage. The additional speakers come with 100 feet of wire and are connected directly to the side of the device. The device uses a standard 110v power cord. Pigeons, crows, gulls, woodpeckers and sparrows will vanish from the area when they are tricked by these bird distress calls.

The reasons to deter the birds are so that their bird droppings do not harm any surfaces around the home or business. Accumulated bird droppings are very corrosive and will ruin the surface they are allowed to stay on. Bird droppings, in no time turn to salt and ammonia, and added moisture in the atmosphere speeds up the rusting process. The acidity also eats away at paint and concrete and will deface rooftops, walkways, walls and machinery or vehicles.

These same droppings are also an ideal environment for diseases, molds, parasites and bugs to be housed. Diseases such as histoplasmosis will cause flu like symptoms at the very least and death at its worse destruction. Those with immune issues are most susceptible to diseases such as this. Infection occurs mostly when the spores which are carried in the air are inhaled. This can happen when a roost has been disturbed.

It is best to implement a bird control strategy before this becomes an issue. If there are droppings nearby, protect yourself when cleaning them up by covering your eyes, nose and mouth.