Blueberry Bush Netting to the Rescue

Blueberry Bush Netting to the Rescue

Posted on June 6, 2014 by Kathy Fritsch in Garden Bird Netting

Do you like fresh blueberries in your cereal or maybe in your morning smoothie? You will want to keep the birds away from your blueberry bushes. Blueberry bush netting is what you need. Blueberries are a great backyard berry to grow, as they grow easily in small places and can even be grown in containers on patios. The blueberries are the sweetest if allowed to stay on the bush at least a week after turning blue. This is a very vulnerable time because you will want to pick them, but you have to remember, the birds will also want to peck at them and steal them away.

Blueberry bush netting is essential for keeping the berries on the plant that extra week. It will be worth the effort. Blueberries are the highest in antioxidants of all fresh fruit. They also neutralize free radicals which can affect disease and aging in the body as well as aid in reducing belly fat. Now that is a very good reason to implement berry bush netting. Failing to protect the bush with some type of blueberry netting system will leave you without blueberries and belly fat. Who wants that?

Blueberry Bush Netting Bars the Birds

Blueberry bush netting is one of the most effective bird deterrents you can use. Bird netting is often recommended by bird control experts and is widely used by gardeners and even commercial growers. The bird netting prevents the birds from pecking at the berries that are hanging from the bush. Nesting birds are very territorial, so if you had birds around your yard last year, you can be sure that they will return. Blueberry bush netting will make your plants unavailable to the pest birds and they will move on to find a more comfortable and easily accessible food source.

Blueberry Bush Netting is Easily Installed

Lightweight plastic netting is very easy to handle and install. The netting comes in rolls of 14 x 100 and 14 by 200. There are various mesh sizes as well. The smaller the bird the smaller the mesh size and, likewise, the larger the birds, the larger the mesh size that is needed. The mesh comes in , and . The netting easily drapes over the bushes. There are special netting clips for securing it down. You want to make sure the netting is taut so that no bird can get underneath it.

Blueberry Bush Netting is Rugged and Versatile

You want to be sure and buy high quality blueberry bush netting to protect the plants. Make sure it is very durable and rugged; U.V. protected polypropylene and made from FDA sanctioned resin. This type of netting will be very strong, yet light weight. It will also be virtually invisible when installed correctly. The versatility of the netting is a big plus. Not only will it protect your plants, but it can be used in many other areas such as the eaves of the home where birds notoriously flock to. The netting can be installed and then taken down and stored away for next season. It is the ideal bird control product to protect your blueberry bushes.