Catch and Release Bird Traps Remove Pest Birds Humanely

Catch and Release Bird Traps Remove Pest Birds Humanely

Posted on May 11, 2014 by Alex Kecskes in Bird Deterrents

Pest birds like pigeons and crows can become quite a nuisance when they build nests on your property. Birds gathering on rooftops, parking garages or other open areas can leave unsightly, disease carrying droppings that are hard to reach and expensive to clean. Bird droppings can also damage roofs, rooftop AC units, skylights, solar panels, antennas, security cameras and lighting. Bird nesting materials can clog rain gutters and even cause electrical fires. Catch and release bird traps provide an effective, humane solution for removing pest birds from specific areas.

How Bird Traps Work

Bird-B-Gone Catch & Release Bird Traps (also known as live bird traps) consist of wire trap cages that lure pest birds in with a little bird feed. The traps have a funnel door that permits birds to walk in but not walk out. At this point, you can release the birds to the open country or wilderness area. An easy-access door on top of the cage lets you conveniently remove the bird or birds (depending on the trap).

Humane Alternative to Lethal Means

Catch & release bird traps provide a humane alternative to poisons, pellet guns or other lethal means of bird control. The traps can be used indoors or out to control most species of birds. Returning and releasing a bird to its natural habitat without injuring it provides a certain level of satisfaction.If you have neither the time nor expertise to install traditional bird control devices or bird deterrents, catch and release bird traps offer an ideal bird control solution.

Insist on Quality Bird Traps

When choosing bird traps, make sure you get a high quality trap that will last. Bird-B-Gone Bird Traps are constructed of sturdy galvanized wire. These traps are available in different sizes to accommodate many types and sizes of birds--including pigeons, crows and swallows.

Multi-Bird Traps

If your property has been inundated with large numbers of birds, multi-bird traps are available that can hold as many as 30 pest birds. Some traps include built-in food and water reservoirs. Other traps incorporate a slanted design with adjustable legs to trap birds flocking to angled rooftops.

Special Bird Traps

For special snaring situations, there are some unique traps you can get. Like Snap Traps, which feature a bait tray that, once triggered, safely traps a bird in a spring-loaded nylon net. You can mount Snap Traps on buildings, walls, or place them in a tree. Another special trap is the Collapsible Pigeon Trap (with or without shaded cover). This trap collapses to just 1-inch in height for easy storage. Also available is the Pigeon Motel, which features two one-way entry doors, ideal for commercial or residential use. Finally, there's the Large Pigeon Trap that comes complete with a shade, food and water.

Bird-B-Gone is the worlds largest manufacturer and distributor of bird control products, providing effective and humane solutions to a bird-free environment. The company provides advice, training and installation services for those who need help with these and other bird control measures.