Create a Safe Environment with Anti Pigeon Strips

Create a Safe Environment with Anti Pigeon Strips

Posted on June 10, 2014 by Kathy Fritsch in Bird Spikes

Anti pigeon strips stop the pest bird from perching on your property without injuring them. Pigeons are notorious scavengers, and if your business is prone to attract the pests, bird spikes are ideal to put into place on the roof top, company sign, light posts, air conditioning units and any other flat or curved surface. You have to make a plan of attack before the pigeons attack your property. If you had a problem in the past, you can bet that the birds will return. They tend to remember to visit the same locations each year.

The reason to install anti pigeon strips around the property is because you do not want the birds to forage in the area because the bird droppings can be quite messy, damaging, and also very unhealthy. Bird droppings can transmit over 60 different diseases to humans. It is not only the pigeon, but also starlings, sparrows and geese. Pigeon poop carries very harmful bacteria that form when the droppings become dried. The droppings are harmful when the dust from the droppings comes in contact with your eyes, nose and mouth; the mucous membranes. If you need to clean up pigeon poop on your property be sure to wear protective gear that covers the vulnerable areas so that your maintenance crew do not become infected. Purchasing and providing the correct protective gear during clean-up is a lot more cost effective than workers compensation injuries. Cleaning up fresh droppings is also very important. The slippery droppings create slip and fall accidents that can also be quite costly to the business. Anti pigeon strips applied to the property once it is cleaned is necessary to keep birds away and to keep them from coming back.

Anti pigeon strips come in plastic spikes. The plastic bird spikes come in a clear color that helps with the invisibility factor. The clients and customers will not know that you have bird control around the property when they are installed correctly. Anti pigeon strips simply create a surface that prevents the pigeons and other large pest birds from landing. They will be unable to roost, nest or perch. This will encourage them to fly away and find another location where they can make themselves at home.

Anti pigeon strips are very versatile. They can also be used on just about any ledge, parapet walls, eaves, I-beams, windowsills, awnings and canopies to name a few more places. Installation is a breeze as they can be glued down using an adhesive. The polycarbonate bird spikes come in 3, 5 or 7. The base is very flexible and this why they can be installed in areas that have a curvature. They are long lasting as they are U.V. stabilized and heat and weather resistant. The plastic bird spikes are also non-conductive and will not interfere with electronic security systems or transmissions.

Controlling the environment from pest birds does not have to be difficult. There are other bird control products that could be added to work alongside the bird spikes. Visual scare tactics put in place will scare birds away, and the few who might pass the visual disturbances will then not be able to land comfortably.