Crop Netting Needed For Large Agricultural Areas and Backyards

Crop Netting Needed For Large Agricultural Areas and Backyards

Posted on June 8, 2014 by Kathy Fritsch in Bird Netting

You may see crop netting at large vineyards. Crop netting is a very effective way to protect the grapes. Backyard gardeners can also benefit from this bird netting. Birds will find the blueberry and strawberry plants and strip them clean before you have had a chance to try one of your ripened sweet fruits yourself. Installing bird control crop netting for personal use in the homeowners backyard is suggested so that your crop will blossom and the fruits and vegetable plants have a chance to be matured so the family can enjoy them at the dinner table.

Summer is a great time to get the crop netting in action. It is ideal to protect the plants before they become mature and ripened. Besides the damaged produce, the birds feces are not anything you want around your property or family. Accumulated bird droppings can have fungal, viral and bacterial diseases that can be transmitted to humans. One such disease known is Histoplasmosis. This is an upper respiratory disease that can cause mild symptoms all the way to pneumonia and even death. The dried accumulated droppings create a dust when disturbed and the dust is inhaled by way of nose, mouth and even eyes. Not only are the old accumulated droppings hazardous, but also the slippery and wet fresh droppings pose their own issues. Even in the grass they can be very slippery and cause those walking around to slip and fall. If your property is a business this is a huge liability that can be deterred by implementing either crop netting or other forms of bird control. It will usually not be just one or two birds causing the problems around the property or specifically the garden or crops. Birds are communal. They will roost in large groups, causing large amounts of bird droppings and more than just a few hungry birds to strip the plants.

Crop netting is one of the best ways to block the birds from garden areas. Crop netting also can be applied to areas in the garage, the eaves of the home and balconies. Any place where the bird roosts and hides away from its predator. Bird netting is very lightweight and easy to install. It is made for outdoor use and is made of U.V. protected polypropylene.
When protecting the garden plants, it is suggested that the netting be suspended a few inches above the plants. This will stop the birds from sitting on the mesh netting and eating though the holes in the mesh. It is very easy to suspend the netting using a series of poles placed around the perimeter of the area you need protected. Often times the plants can be individually wrapped as well.

Using a bird control strategy to scare birds away is also a good ploy. Placing a visual deterrent around the garden will scare the birds away. Scare devices such as balloons and diverters have a design on the side of the shiny surface that the birds believe to be a predator marking. This makes the birds natural instinct of fight or flight to kick in.