Deter Pest Birds with Plastic Bird Spikes

Deter Pest Birds with Plastic Bird Spikes

Posted on June 10, 2015 by Kathy Fritsch in Bird Spikes

Plastic bird spikes are used all across the country by property owners and business owners.  They are a very effective bird deterrent.  The large pest bird, no matter how hard he tries, is unable to get their feet and wings around the spikes to land.  The pest bird may keep trying, but they will definitely keep failing until they give up and more to more comfortable location to land and roost.  

Plastic bird spikes are effective where other strategies have failed.  The spikes will keep birds away from landing and roosting on signs, ledges, and chimneys and rooflines.  They are also successful in places where birds roost and nest such as security cameras, beams, parapets and light posts.  All these places are deemed safe by the bird, free from their predator’s eyes.  Plastic bird spikes in place will stop the behavior of nesting and roosting in these areas.  These types of spikes are also recommended by contractors, municipalities and architects because they are so effective in deterring the pest birds.

Plastic bird spikes are non-conductive whereas stainless steel spikes are not.  Non-conductive means that the spikes can safely be used in close proximity to phone lines, electrical signs, junction boxes, electric switches and transmission towers.  They will not interfere with cell phone towers, relay stations, airport towers or anywhere near radiated transmissions or other areas where high frequency transmission are being transmitted through the air.

Plastic bird spikes are safe and humane.  They can very safely be used as a deterrent to get rid of the larger pest birds such as crows and gulls.  Many pest birds are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, but placing bird deterrent spikes is allowed.  It does not harm them or hurt their nesting activity and disturb their young.  There are many humane groups around the world including the U.S. Humane Society and Pigeon Control Advisory Service who accept the use of bird spikes as a safe and humane way to deter the birds.

Bird spikes are very versatile.  They can be useful during harsh weather conditions or normal conditions.  The plastic spikes are rugged and made for outdoor use. The spikes are U.V. protected and can endure long periods of bad weather and bright sunlight.  The spikes can fit into the décor of the building if aesthetics are an issue.  This is another advantage over stainless steel.  Plastic bird spikes come in different colors including white, black, tan, gray, brown, brick red and crystal clear.

There are also various sizes to choose from.  The spikes come in 3”, 5” and 7” widths.  There is a size to fit any area.  The usage and variety of choices ensures that when the flock of large pest birds such as the raptors, vultures, gulls, pigeons and crows are on site, they will not be there for long because they will not be able to make themselves comfortable and at home.

Installation of the spikes is fairly simple and they require very little maintenance.  They can be used as soon as they are taken out of the packaging.  There is no assembly needed.  They are economical to buy.  Maintenance workers and facilities managers will be able to install the bird spikes in no time and they are not labor intensive at all.  One row of plastic bird spikes will cover a space that is 8” wide.  Before installation, it is always recommended to clean the surfaces using a 10 percent bleach or ammonia solution to disinfect the space.  This is important as bird droppings and nesting debris can harbor diseases.  If there are accumulated droppings to be cleaned up, protective clothing especially over the mouth and nose is recommended.